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PumpkinPieman's Journal.

4: Adsense

Merry fucking christmas!

Man o' man!

You haven't lived until you've come close to death. About two hours ago I came near to a comatose state here at home. I can hear the bells, uh, uh ... nope, sorry.

For those of you that don't know I have a very unique disease called Emery Drifuss Muscular Dystrophy. It alone is a very powerful stranglehold on all muscles in the body, this...

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang .. blam...uh bang bang

A weird turn of events happened this week. For thanksgiving my parents came up to Ottawa for dinner. Only this time around I cooked the turkey, and good I might add. I can cook anything as long as I have instructions.

Yesterday really threw my mind off, my 19 year old cousin died in a car crash earily in the morning. My mother came in all teary-eyed,...

Oonk Oonk Oonk Oonk Waayo! Guba Guba Guba.

This past month I've in some cases let myself go, as if all my original plans went to hell in a hand basket. Before I came back here to University I wanted to start working out, getting my body in to shape and not letting it fall in to the pits. But everyone in this house insist on buying nothing but garbage! Carbohydrates are a big part of the meals...


I'm pretty damn tired right now, and I've slept through one of my classes. Last night was a blast, I went to see Bad Religion and Dropkick Murphy's in concert. It was a fucking amazing show, a whole crap load of great songs were played.

The downer of the night was that I wasn't shitfaced drunk. But I still had a great time.

Microsoft Can Lick my Balls

Well, I'm still having those god damn ACPI.sys errors. The ones that make your CPU speed drop to 10% and lag your whole god damn computer. Well, I phoned microsoft today because I haven't been able to figure this out, neither can anyone else. It fucking pisses me off. So apparently being a good guy and buying their proucts out of the question. I have...


Well, I recently got settled in to this place and I'm already not doing much programming. I recently got addicted to Diablo II after I bought the expansion with the pack. I've been playing network Unreal 2k4, Diablo II, and it looks like Counter-Strike soon. To be real honest, I think I've lost interest in writing Hollow Halls. I'm just more interested in...

Moving Right Along

Well, this is the first week in the new place and it's quite nice. There is one small room in the 5 room house and at first it seemed as if it were going to be chosen when everyone arrived, but that slowly changed to first come first serve. I was the second here so I got one of the big rooms, which was then painted and pissed in to mark my...

"I can see", said the blind man.

I finally got my optical prescription filled, and according to the guy who made the lens I have a very mild stigmatism. So I got the glasses back yesterday, and to be honest I don't ever remember seeing things this clearly. Tree's before looked like a shape with multiple colours, but with the glasses each individual leaf is defined. It's pretty weird. I can...