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Kylotan's Developer Journal

4: Adsense

Still alive

Hi guys, just a quick note to remind you that I'm still writing (very occasional) blog entries over at http://www.ebonyfortress.com/blog, and would love to see some of you posting comments. :)

This journal is moribund

As much as I like GameDev.net, I find the journal system here to be underpowered - no tags, no categories, posts disappear from the front page if they're too old, poor support for inline formatting, etc. This has made me hesitate to spend time putting entries here, and the last one was eight months ago.

So in future, I will be posting on my own...

AI in games

Hello GD Journal, it's been a while. Mostly because the journals are still exceedingly well separated from the rest of the site. I have no idea whose journals are worth reading - any suggestions?

At work, our development cycle is coming to a close and I have lots of reflections on the development process to share; but that will wait until after...

Here's an idea

For so long we've seen newbies come on these forums, and say something like "I have a great idea for a game - how do I get it made?" The slightly more optimistic, or dare I say mercenary, may actually ask how they sell it, but the underlying concept is the same, in that someone with no knowledge of how the industry works comes on here thinking...


Imagine you are a squirrel. You're at the foot of a large oak tree, contemplating climbing it to feast upon the acorny goodness that it offers. You start climbing up the trunk, and it provides a single obvious and reliable route up the tree. Eventually you reach branches, where you can choose the one that seems most appealing to you, perhaps holding...

Ivory Towers

It's funny when people appear to live in some parallel dimension where they don't have to contend with the details of real life. Take this quote from "Efficient C++ Programming" in 2002:

Quote:The language extension never became part of the language, but the optimization itself has become nearly universal. It is called the name return value...


My short time in the games industry - 8 months or so - has been marked by inefficiency. I now have a good idea why games take so long and why so many projects are cancelled. Setting aside human error and egos, which are a major problem on the publisher side it seems, the development side is just plain inefficient, often because problems are solved in...

User-friendly error messages from MS Visual C++


\Dev\GameProjects\FSProjects\FSLibs\ServerLogic\Source\Actor_ServerLogic.cpp(1435) : error C2679: binary '=' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'double' (or there is no acceptable conversion)
D:\Dev\CoreLibs\Reflection\ReferenceMetaProperty.h(75) : see reference to class template instantiation...