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This journal is moribund

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As much as I like GameDev.net, I find the journal system here to be underpowered - no tags, no categories, posts disappear from the front page if they're too old, poor support for inline formatting, etc. This has made me hesitate to spend time putting entries here, and the last one was eight months ago.

So in future, I will be posting on my own blog at http://www.ebonyfortress.com/blog/. It's using Wordpress, which is your typical example of crap-code-good-functionality, but it's functionality that counts here. Hopefully I'll see some of you over there, as well as through my continued presence on the forums here of course.

May 18 2009 12:09 PM
You'll see me there. :) At some point I might get a blog system on my site, not sure yet since I like GameDev's journals. Not sure how many people really read my journal, other then the regulars but I have no problem getting feedback when needed.
May 18 2009 04:12 PM
I've got another blog over at my site too, but the community here is the main reason I'm keeping my journal alive. I know that here I'll get a bunch of keen game developers of all stripes reading what I have to say. That said, I like having the extra customisability of my own blog, so it's the best of both worlds having multiple blogs for different purposes.
May 18 2009 07:59 PM
Same here. We need better journals, seems like they got left in history when everything else moves on.

Does your site have an RSS feed?
May 19 2009 12:17 PM
Cheers guys. I seem to have had quite a few hits over there since posting this, so it's good to see people are reading the Gamedev.net journals. I'll try and post here periodically to direct people to my blog if I remember. (Another problem is that Gamedev doesn't notify me of comments posted here!)

WordPress seems to set up some feeds automatically, which I'm more than happy for people to use rather than bookmarking it directly.

RSS 2.0: http://www.ebonyfortress.com/blog/feed/
RSS 0.92: http://www.ebonyfortress.com/blog/feed/rss/
ATOM 0.3: http://www.ebonyfortress.com/blog/feed/atom/

May 19 2009 08:21 PM
The journal system here is definitely limited. I would be more than happy if gamedev in its next iteration used some established third-party blog engine (wordpress seems popular, or whatever), instead of using one home-grown. The blog "market" is still expanding rapidly and using external software would help keeping the system up to date as development goes on. Otherwise the site would soon be outdated once again I think.
May 20 2009 12:21 PM
I think the problem is that Gamedev.net will want to get tight integration between the blogs, the forums, and the articles, and that may not be very practical with WordPress. Having said that, Sourceforge appear to be migrating much of their bespoke functionality to off-the-shelf components such as PhpBB, Trac, and WordPress, so perhaps Gamedev.net could pick up some pointers from them.
May 22 2009 05:17 PM
My epic plan for journal integration in GDNet V5 is fast approaching. Prepare for the awesomequake!!

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