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Good Enough?.... Never!

Oh yea Physics time!!!

Posted by , 26 June 2007 - - - - - - · 245 views

takingsometime I owe him a beer sometime, if I ever get to Austraila. Thanks a million for him helping me out with my 3rd person camera issues. Now that I have the camera done, my player object is moving correctly and collisions work like they should. Now I have to smooth things out a bit.

After that I am onto Physics for the car. Acceleration, deceleration, ect... I hope this turns out to be fun, and not a nightmare! :(

Once this is all finished up I for the most part will have a playable version of the game idea, and just need to start adding in items into the game. I hope to have this first game of mine wrapped up by winter time, and at that time make my mapeditor for this/future games. The girlfriend was excited to see the game in action, for she is a console gamer "UGH" where I am a PC Gamer. So that makes for interesting conversation. :)

I am looking at sometime by years end or next spring getting another Mac again, I have been without one for years now. OSX.5 looks good, and with the new versions of the Mac with EA throwing int here support for games, I hope Mac gaming takes off somewhat... Back when I was on Mac G4/G5 10.3 days I really hated how the games just weren't there.

Anyway code time....

About time

Posted by , 08 June 2007 - - - - - - · 280 views

Well I finally got my car to move around the terrain using terrain following. What a relief. So now the only thing left to do is rotate the model to look realistic vs. just moving up and down to match the terrain height. After that is finished onto making the car move to some kind of physics system... Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to move the car somewhat realistic like with a simple enough physics formula? I would like to have variables like rate of turn, acceleration, braking, ect... to be a part of the equation. I have no experience in this section as I haven't done any physics coding up till now. ;)

After that is all finished onto collision detection with the terrain and other objects and the map's edge.

So I am hoping to have something playable by summers end. If I can get some free time to actually do coding!!

Right now I am using a single normalmap for my terrains lighting calculations, someone mentioned that this is a bad idea? I was told by someone who has actually made commercial games to go this way. As far as I can tell it looks good, but I bet it would look better if each tile set had its own normalmap. What is everyones thoughts on this? Appreciate any input.

I HAVE NO SUBJECT, just babble

Posted by , 14 May 2007 - - - - - - · 215 views

I see the new ATI card is out today. It's a power hog. The 2900XT is on par with the 8800GTS. Only thing that I see that would be nice to try out is the 2900XT has a tessellator unit on it along with the GS. So I would like to play with that feature. Hopefully Nvidia will add this soon also. I wouldn't expect to see if until G90... :( What would be nice is to use the TsU(A.K.A. Tessellator Unit) and displacement mapping to make some very nice detailed meshes. Terrain, Human features, other things I am sure. Can anyone else think of things to use this for?

Onto coding issues I am having. I am having an issue with Guichan when I click a textfield and click the mouse button to set the users input up. The textfield stays focused and doesn't allow me to click the same textfield again to change the input if I want. I have to click another textfield to make that one gain focus. The keyboard input works great and correctly. Missing something but can't nail it down.

I hope to have some screenshots in the next few months of this in action, with my schedule being HELL, who knows. I do plan on having this done by years end. Hopefully. See how many games I have to play between now and then.

Seen Spiderman3 last week. Not sure what to think of it. I liked it, but not sure I liked it as much as 1&2... The new house is great now I am just waiting on my sidewalk and black dirt so I can plant grass and trees.

Anyone here have a quad core? I am curious to know what they think of it, and how hot it runs...

Again time slips past me....

Posted by , 11 May 2007 - - - - - - · 214 views

Been a few weeks now since I last posted, and good reason. I am a Pack Mule, A.K.A. Beast of Burden in most people's eyes I guess. I been working O.T. at work, my dad needs help with his business, and then my GF wants attention, and a friend of mine has had numerous issues with his P.O.S PC and so we built him one, so coding gets almost impossible to do. [flaming]

Well I have managed to do some coding, and got the user input done. The menu now accepts user inputs for actions in the game and saves them. And I have the event logic setup to take the action inputs and do something with them. Granted they are just empty functions for now, but the framework is there. So now I am going to load up my map files and display the terrain and 3D gfx now, based on what the user selects for a map to play. Progress at last.

Game pad works also which is nice. I have locked the user inputs down with the gamepad. Just doesn't make much sense to change the buttons on the gamepad when you only have 3 actions so far to map...

I am hoping to have this game playable by summers end.

BTW what do you all think of Bullet the physics lib?

See ya

I hate work!!!!!!!!!

Posted by , 23 April 2007 - - - - - - · 292 views

I really hate work, overtime kills coding. I have no days off til next Wednesday. I will have worked 15 days in a row. Ugh. So I hope to code at least an hour a day to keep on track. Anyone know of a good site to look at game models you can purchase, models like cars and vegetation?

I see ATI held their R600 release in Tunisia today. Anyone here anything new or worth talking about?

CS3 is now out. Anyone gotten it yet? What's new? Worth getting?

Anyone else having a hard time anymore with trying to get a game played or won? I got a stack of games that stair at me begging for some attention... :( I need to win the lottery.

Yippy skippy

Posted by , 17 April 2007 - - - - - - · 298 views

I just bought a Logitech rumble pad, so I can add in gamepad support in my game. That went over like butter. So now the only thing left to do is setup the control panel to accept user input for their controls they want to use. Then it's back to working on finishing up the gfx.

I have made a decision to switch the game from a RTS to a completely different style game. I just come to terms that as of now an RTS game of the caliber I want to make isn't going to happen while I have a job. So I am going to use what I have done so far and convert it over to a new game style and still putting all the details together. From the people I have talked to, they don't recall any games like it, so hopefully it's a fresh idea. It's going to be more arcade like, but 3D. They all say they want to play it, cause it sounds fun. We'll see....

Till next time.

More fun

Posted by , 11 April 2007 - - - - - - · 207 views

Well the GuiChan is working out great. Only issue is with fullscreen to windowed mode. I am thinking this is an SDL issue, the dev for GUIchan said he is seeing it to now that I have pointed it out and he said it's not GUIchan's fault. Oh well I only need windowed for debug, and who plays games in windowed mode anyway? I left the check box for now, hoping that it will be resolved someday.

The menu interface is about done, I am going to have to get a grip on BOOST. Yeah you heard me I haven't been using BOOST at all. I now need a way to query directories for files for the menu so the user can pick their map they want to play. Unless someone else knows of a easier way to do this than using BOOST I am all ears. I am hoping to have this menu code done tomorrow and back to finishing up my gfx code for the game. At that point I will have working framework of a game done, except for physics, collision detection, AI, pathfinding, and networking. All fun stuff that will probably bore me... :) I hope it's somewhat interesting and not to tough, for I haven't done any coding in those areas.

I am about to slit my wrist, MSVC+ .net 2005 express edition works great for the most part, my problem is that when I try and run my app on a XP system it fails and will not even load... I am not sure why this is or what I can do to fix it. The app runs fine on my Vista system. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Artwork is going to become important soon so I can post some nice screenshots vs. crap that is just thrown in for filler. Anyone know where you can buy some 2D texture artwork thats commercial quality?

Well off to bed been up the last few days coding and wishing I had this game done...


GUI nightmare

Posted by , 05 April 2007 - - - - - - · 228 views

Well I am working on GUI stuff with GUIChan and like it so far, but I hate using someone else's libs or code since I have to learn what they are doing so I can figure out what's wrong or if the problem is my fault. Soooo time consuming. I have been for the last two days working on this issue with having my texture as a background be fullscreen on a single quad. Shouldn't be problem done it a million times before in my code. Until now, turns out their image loader which I used to load up their background image does something to the image it will not fill the quad for nothing unless you scale it. So with my texture loader it works fine now. Annoying to say the least. Now I have to tackle the fullscreen to window mode and back and forth issue. When I click on the checkbox for this the widgets don't respond correctly, meaning click on start and you hit load...

Once this is all up and running, meaning GUI, I am going to get back to finishing up moving my game over to SDL and finishing up the particle engine.

And it's cold here again APRIL for Pete's sake. 17 degrees last night. Ugh....

Oh the pain of being burnt out... :(

Posted by , 16 March 2007 - - - - - - · 190 views

I finally did some coding for the first time in a LONG time a few months probably. I am moving to SDL from win32, as I am also looking at wxWidgets for my mapeditor. I have Vista and the problem is the free .net 2005 compiler doesn't support MFC and MS doesn't have the new compiler out yet. So I have no interest in paying for 2005 when 2007 or whatever they are going to call it should be out soon. I installed my VC++ .net 2003 edition and works fine with Vista so far. The other problem is SupCom has killed my drive to finish my RTS game engine!! :( It's like how can it get any better than this. But I am still looking at finishing it up just to have something I can say I made this. I hope to get back into coding on a daily basis again soon. Later

Ugh, coding just can't get back into it...

Posted by , 15 February 2007 - - - - - - · 326 views

I have no idea why, but for some reason I just can't get back into coding anything right now... Been this way for about a month or two. :( Has anyone else been to this point? If so what did you do to get past it.

Part of me has just lost all desire to finish my RTS since SupCom is now coming out. So now I sit here not sure what I want to make for a game. I got all this time in my game and feel like I wasted my time. Than I jumped on Vista and GL support isn't 100% and DX10 stairs at me. I not sure if my mind is saying overload, sick of crap changing and not working. All I know is that I need to get back into it soon....

It's alive

Posted by , 01 February 2007 - - - - - - · 226 views

Well my computer parts showed up today and all is fine so far in Vista land with my new Intel Core Duo 2 E6600, 8800GTS, 2GB, 2x 74GB Raptors 16MB, onboard Audio, Reason for onboard audio seems like Vista/Creative aren't 100% and wanted to see if Creative will move to PCI-e soon. CES 2k7 they showed off a PCI-e 1x soundcard. Well its time now to check OpenGL out and see if the beast runs or not... Wish me luck!

What to do

Posted by , 24 January 2007 - - - - - - · 234 views

I am going to build a new desktop, and will be Intel based. I am torn between getting a quad core or the 2.4Ghz Core Duo 2 chip. I lean towards quad since more and more games are now coming out that will use a quad core. And those games I was planning on playing already. I am also going to get Vista and I hear quad core will run Vista better also. Just wondering what everyone around here is running or if they do have a quad what they think about it? I know SupCom, Crysis, HL2:Ep2, Alan Wake, Ut2k7, just to name a few off the top of my head will all support multi-core CPUs. Then I am not sure what to do on the Gfx card front either. I want a 8800GTX again, but ATI is somewhat close to releasing their new R600 but who know when and what it will support. If their new card still doesn't do vertex textures I am writing them off.

So what are everyones thoughts on 64bit Vista vs. 32bit Vista? Can I play games that are out now with 64bit Vista?

Desktop is gone!!

Posted by , 16 January 2007 - - - - - - · 234 views

Well I sold my desktop. No more 8800GTX! :( So for now laptop is going to get me by until I put together a new quad core system with vista. I hope Nvidia moves their 8800GTX to 80nm and the Quad Core Qx6600 2.4Ghz Intel chip drops to about $550 or so. After reading Chris Taylor say SupCom is designed for quad cores, I decided to build a quad vs. a dual core. Then I got to looking around and see that Crysis, HL2:EP2, Alan Wake, SupCom, UT2k7, just to name a few are going to support quad cores!!! So this year seems to be the year for advancement in games and power requirements. May even see dual core become minimum!!

I see that the some executive over at Blizzard said he want SC2 out before a decade hits since it was released!!!! Better not be MMO, or I am going to go nuts! Keep it RTS.

Progress has been made

Posted by , 04 January 2007 - - - - - - · 195 views

Well I been on vacation since Dec 17th! And have gotten a lot of work done on the engine. Moved my model code to VBO's from VA and got a nice FPS jump. I cleaned up a lot of old code, fixed numerous bugs, implemented a simple particle engine for now and that uses VBO also, added culling for my models to go along with my terrain culling I was already doing.

Thanks jyk for the help on the culling space mess up!

Fixed a bug that I had with my monitor going to screensave while the game was playing if I let it sit for a few mins. Moved most of the game setup data into a file so you can change various items in the engine without compiling each time you make a change. This also leads to a startup utility which will save the data you want set.

All in all I feel good about the progress and feel like the graphics portion of the game is coming to an end soon, and will be moving onto path finding, AI, Physics, ect...

What is everyones thoughts on using the second core to calculate particle effects? I have never done any multi-threaded programming...

Any ideas or heads up on a particle engine?

Posted by , 23 December 2006 - - - - - - · 216 views

Well I hope to start coding a particle engine soon in the next few days... I am going to use GLSL and Point Sprites and make a generic class that one can derive new particle types for what one needs. E.g. smoke, fog, fire. So my question is does this sound like a good plan? Am I heading in the right direction? I would like some feed back from others who have made a particle engine before, and what they may have encountered. :) Anyone looking to buy a laptop? I got one for sale. HP Centrino Core Duo 1.733Ghz 1GB RAM, 7600 256MB, 240GB HD (2x120) DL DVD, 17" screen. No need for it anymore bought it about 6 months ago.

Shadows done? Check

Posted by , 20 December 2006 - - - - - - · 224 views

Oh it tastes so sweet to have them done finally and now I can move onto my particle engine. :) They actually look quite decent for a large outdoor area.

What do you all think of using a particle engine to make fog? I don't like the way the fog I have now looks due to you can tell it's a wall due to it cuts through the terrain. So I figure with a particle engine I can make my fog like a cloud and animate it so it seems a bit more real? Anyway just looking for some input on that area.

Later, back to coding, because I am on vacation til Jan 5th!!!

Updated fog

Posted by , 29 November 2006 - - - - - - · 296 views

Well I updated my fog and I now allow for a more smooth transition from fading into view to out of view. Let me know what you guys think. Be nice. :)


Posted by , 27 November 2006 - - - - - - · 274 views

I finally have some decent animated clouds in my engine now. The only thing left to do is calculate normals for the skydome. I looked around the net and didn't find much on that, so I am guessing it shouldn't be any different than calculating for a terrain mesh? Just get the neighboring vertices coordinates and calculate the normals with cross() ect... After this is done, I am planning on implementing PSSM or when I get the new ShaderX5 book I will look at wolf's CSM technique and see if that will be a good fit for my RTS game. If not I am planning on implementing PSSM for shadows, and last but not least a particle engine. I am also toying around with using the GS on my 8800GTX to tessellate the water shorelines and mountain cliffs... But that will be last on the list to do. Anyway off to code some more.

Time for some noise

Posted by , 20 November 2006 - - - - - - · 219 views

Well I am getting ready to implement noise in my engine so I can render clouds. I have been looking for info on it and can't seem to get any good tutorial sites. I have been thinking about buying Texturing & Modeling: A Procedural Approach, Third Edition. Just wondering if anyone else here has it or has heard anything about it. I am mainly looking for recipes to make clouds, smoke, ect. The formulas and examples to be precisely.

Time for some noise

Posted by , 20 November 2006 - - - - - - · 255 views

Well I am getting ready to implement noise in my engine so I can render clouds. I have been looking for info on it and can't seem to get any good tutorial sites. I have been thinking about buying Texturing & Modeling: A Procedural Approach, Third Edition. Just wondering if anyone else here has it or has heard anything about it. I am mainly looking for recipes to make clouds, smoke, ect. The formulas and examples to be precisely.