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How to start my physics...

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I am to tired lately to work on coding my physics for my car game. I get about 3hrs of sleep a night! :(

So I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for simple car physics for movement, turning ect... This is my first game and I just need simple as long as it's fun and does the job.

I would be willing to get a book that has examples on this subject and covers it well. A good website would be nice to if anyone has one?

I have to work every single day till August sometime! So not much time now for coding but I try to code an hour a day to keep my mind thinking about stuff while I am at work.

If I can just get the physics for this done, I will have a playable demo for the most part, and at least gives me hope that someday with in the next year I will be able to finish my first game ever. :) So I am pumped. Been a long time in the making.

Ok, sleep and back to my JOB! Oh joy!

Jul 06 2007 09:02 PM
try here

Brian Beckman's - The Physics of Racing

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