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64bit Vista here I come

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I have decided to move to 64bit Vista Ultimate. I called MS and they kindly allowed me to send them $30 and COA and I can get a new disc with the 64bit version on it. I decided that I wanted to run 64bit after seeing SupCom has issues in 32bit Vista and XP? when you run the largest maps and many many units. More and more games are going to hit this 4GB barrier which also has a 2GB barrier per app. So with 4GB and Vista 64bit I should be fine. I now have questions about VC++ 8.0 express and whether or not it works with Vista 64bit and any gotchas? I wouldn't mind compiling 64bit versions of my apps, so I would like to know if that is supported also?


Jul 13 2007 12:52 PM
I run VS2005 (Professional) on Windows XP x64 edition with no problems. I doubt you'll have any trouble with it on Vista x64.

And it looks like you can compile to x64 targets with the Express edition, you just need to install the .NET Framework SDK: MSDN link.
Jul 14 2007 05:05 AM
Apart from Vista mysteriously un-activating itself yesterday I've had no problems with Vista Ultimate 64bit...

As for SupCom... it's gathering dust on my shelf in favour of C&C Tiberium Wars. I prefer SupCom's style but it runs like a dog on my system whereas TibWars is silky smooth most of the time [rolleyes]


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