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Dying slowly...

4: Adsense

I have been at work NON stop since June 27th, 2007!! And I have about 3-5 more weeks of this crap! So no coding to talk about.

The only thing I have worked on is, PBO. I have moved my texture loading code to stream the data into a PBO and upload that data to a texture object. As far as I can tell, its faster at loading my 100+megs of textures. Also the memory now being used by my app according to task manager is 68megs vs. 165megs!!! That is a nice drop. No speed increase in rendering.

Then there are the games, sitting on my desk staring at me, begging me to play them. I hope to play them all once my overtime is done. I picked up Bioshock for PC as all my games are for PC and I haven't even loaded it.

I have a fresh new copy of Vista 64bit on the desk also, I got MS to give me a new disc for $30 to move from 32bit to 64bit. So I plan on moving to 64bit soon.

Well I am off to bed for once, see you all around soon...

Aug 26 2007 12:25 PM
bioshock is fun. Messed up, but fun.
Aug 26 2007 04:15 PM
Did you get it for PC? How long did it take you to win it?

BTW are you coding in DX10 yet? If so how is it going compared to DX9?

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