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I'm back!! Yea!!!!!!

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Well it's been at least 6months since I have coded crap, and all due to overtime at work. Good thing is I paid off my Jeep! :) Now back to coding and some gaming, with the onslaught of new games coming out, I am thinking sleeping will be NON existent. Crysis, UT3, SupCom expansion, GOW, NWN2 Expansion, and those are the new ones off the top of my head, not including all the other crap I have bought and need to play!!!

When I stopped coding about six months ago, GL3.0 was supposed to be out end of Sep.... Guess it was a good thing I worked instead so my days thinking when is the drivers going to show up. But for now GL2.1 with extensions such as texture arrays is good enough for me. Just sucks ATI doesn't have them, and from what Phantom says looks like I can rule out coding my engine on ATI till GL3.0+ is out... Oh well looks like Nvidia for me for now.

I am now going to move onto physics and looking at using Bullet for a library. Anyone here using it already? I want to use it for car movements and possibly collision detection...

Been toying around with a Mac again, but every time I look at one, I look at GL support on one and cringe again, as the drivers don't support what I want them to, and hear horror stories about the drivers keep breaking old school support and other items of interest.

Well good to be back, and now on with the show.


Nov 05 2007 05:25 AM
Welcome back, always nice to see community members returning from hiatus.

I've heard many good things about Bullet in my travels. Recently at IGC, GG announced it was using it for its Torque 2 engine and at a tools/library round table it was brought up a lot.
Nov 05 2007 10:05 AM
Welcome back! Good to see a familiar face return, even if they are on the dark side (*cough*OpenGL*cough*) [smile]

Nov 05 2007 10:13 AM
Thanks, and it feels good to be back. Just to let you know jolly, I have been eyeballing DX10. I picked up the Beginning DX10 book by Wendy Jones a few weeks ago. So I am looking at it as a possibility. :)

Oh if you read this again, what does DX10 have that is the same as PBO on GL? I coded a texture loader to load texture data into the PBO and by pass system RAM and dropped my RAM footprint by 64megs... Nice! and now it loads faster when my game starts up. I am not DX savy, so any ideas on this? Or does the DX lib have a function that will load the textures from Disk to GPU as I have done already? and if so can one still code their own load to do the same thing? Thanks!!!

Gaiiden that is reassuring to hear this. I think it will be a good choice for me then.
Nov 07 2007 03:45 AM
Tell me what a PBO is/does (Live search couldn't give me a simple answer) and maybe I can help. Till then, I haven't a clue [smile]


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