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Games, games, and more games!!!

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Well I have a boat load of gaming to do and have done some quite a bit of gaming so far.

Rainbow 6 Vegas, Fear Perseus Mandate, Supreme Commander, Lost Planet, HL2 EP2, Portal. These I have played and won!!!

Now the games I need to finish

NWN2, NWN2 Exp, GOW, SupCom FA, Bioshock, Stalker, Black and White 2, Oblivion and Exp, COD4, Crysis, Solder of Fortune the newest one, UT3!!!!!

I need to win the lottery so I can play games for a living!

Now for coding, I fixed a bug that was killing me, I was about to throw out the whole damn project. turns out it had to do with my font rendering and I have no clue what was wrong, but FTGL, Freetype were the libs I was using and would crash everytime on exit. So I ripped that code out and used glut's built in font rendering and now no more crashes. For now it works fine and good enough.

So now I am onto physics. Newton lib is in the running so far. The dick wads at PhysX never emailed me back for a membership. So blow me. If newton doesn't work I think I will try either bullet or ODE.

After that is done I will have something that is playable to a point that resembles a game for once. See if I can make someone happen and be done with this game by summertime.

Bedtime sleep is welcomed once in a few days!!!


Nov 13 2007 09:03 AM
heh yeah PhysX don't do a lot of mailing back, so :P em.
I'm using Newton in my project (for the last year+) - it's good, but has some failings. Has a good (but expensive) vehicle 'joint' simulation in there - quite detailed. Newton's developer is somewhat eccentric though, and protective of his baby :)
Bullet still seems not quite complete enough for most games, but it's improving quickly and has good dev behind it.
Last time I looked at ODE it worked with spheres and that was about it - problems with mesh-mesh collision etc.

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