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No soup for you!!

Posted by , 03 December 2007 · 268 views

Well I decided it was time to move from 32bit IBO to a 16bit IBO for my terrain rendering. I been putting this off as it was going to take a bit of work to switch over to it. I was hoping to see a FPS increase, but no.... Reason is I am texture/shader bound which increasing my vertex processing wouldn't help, but the positive is the memory requirement for the terrain will be a lot less. I have one 16bit IBO of 32x32 size vs. whatever the terrain mesh size is e.g. 513x513x4bytes vs. 32x32*2 nice savings! So I am going to keep it this way.

I am determining that I am having slow downs based on my FBO auto mipmapping. I am using 2048x2048 texture sizes which are expensive but man it kills FPS... Not sure what one can do for that... IIRC I don't see any difference in IQ with the mipmapped FBO vs. non mipmapped. So I may turn them off for now.

Once I run through my list of things to check or update, I will add in physics. I am looking at newton for the SDK. What I have seen so far it looks easy enough to use. I hope.

Anyone here use laptops? If so which one are you using? I love my desktop very powerful, but if I go somewhere I would like to keep coding. e.g. Xmas is here and driving a few hundred miles to the relatives sucks, but if I could code while I was there if I stayed the night now its becomes a nice tool to have.


I cant reccomend a laptop as I havent had a new PC in years :) I just wanted to comment that im excited to see how you implement physics into what your doing, and possibly to heckle you into posting some screen shots?
Yeah I hope to post some screenshots, once I have the game playable. I have posted before, I just can't remember when that was. With Vista there isn't a way to take a SS with ALT-PRTSCRN anymore with GL. I think I will have to copy the framebuffer and save the data as a texture to take a SS now. Right now I need to get the physics lib chosen, and play around with it so I can implement the code into my game. I just have to remember to start small, I always want to start off with uber powerful features, code without understanding it 100% since I would like to finish this game before I die!!!!!!!!