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I am going to kill my computer soon, I have had it with these physics libs that are SO Called user friendly. GOOD grief, all have crap for documentation, except PhysX. They all have their tutorials, but the things are setup for there scene management framework. I just want a 4 wheeled car and some objects with my terrain mesh. With PhysX I can't figure out how to just send in the terrain mesh data I have already calculated. I don't want to user there cooking crap. There has to be some way to send in the vertices, normals, and indices? I already have this data. As for help, this is joke. All are guilty of this. Knew this was going to be a fucking joke.

Dec 26 2007 07:16 PM
Well, I may have a break for once. For some reason my terrain renderer renders my heightmap flipped on Y and X vs. how PhysX is coming up with the position of the mesh...

But after I did some rotating to get the meshes to line up, walla so far so good. Now to get my .3ds models into the mix. Hopefully that will be the last headache for awhile. So as of now I am sticking with PhysX.

Back at it.

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