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About Dam Time

4: Adsense

What a joke, its been WEEKS and I finally figured out my PHysX wheel problem. Getting support or help is a joke to. Either no one wants to help, or no one is using PhysX!

When the car would move fwd, or back, I would see the wheels shift fwd, or back depending on the direction you were moving. Finally by some stroke of luck, I found a function that I had not called, and never seen it in ANY tutorial that deals with wheels. I can't remember it off the top of my head, but had to do with timing. Now they stay in place.

Now the next issue, I need to get the Normals for my .3ds files figured out, I thought they were fixed, but after seeing the normals being drawn as lines and noticing the missing ones from the box's bottom, and the lighting for the normal mapped textures, I rolled my eyes at another bug to fix, more wasted time... I think it has to do with shared vertices. The bottom half is missing some normals, but the rest of the box is fine.


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