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Journal of Aardvajk

4: Adsense

Various updates

Various updates Working on a new character in the editor at the moment but still developing the editor as I go.

Most recent features include a Groups system that allows you to store and name groups of any selection (vertices, faces, joints) and reselect easily. I took the approach of using an autogenerated ID number and added a Group field to each item so I didn't have...

3D Modeller - vertex weighting

3D Modeller - vertex weighting This is a work-in-progress of the latest character being created with Charm just to test out the interface.

To ease weighting vertices, I've come up with the panel visible in the screenshot that you can use directly from the interface to edit the weights of selected vertices. I've also enabled vertex selection in Animation mode (required checking the tra...

3D Modeller Redux

3D Modeller Redux Progress with the 3D platformer physics has led to the need for animated models so have dusted off the half-finished 3D modeller I was working on and pushed forward a bit.

Its kind of like a nicer looking Milkshape by design. I'm using Qt for the GUI and Direct3D for the rendering and it currently has quite a nice feature set for low poly modelling. The...