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3D Modeller Redux

Posted by , 11 January 2014 · 649 views

3D Modeller Redux Progress with the 3D platformer physics has led to the need for animated models so have dusted off the half-finished 3D modeller I was working on and pushed forward a bit.

Its kind of like a nicer looking Milkshape by design. I'm using Qt for the GUI and Direct3D for the rendering and it currently has quite a nice feature set for low poly modelling. The legs in the posted image were entirely modelled, rigged and animated from scratch in this software.

It supports all the usual operations, unlimited undo/redo and have recently added a method to do a naive import of a mesh from an X file (no rigging or animations loaded).

The main areas it completely lacks are texture mapping, grouping and subdivision so plenty left to do. The current system for setting vertex weights is also a bit ungainley so have been researching how other modelling software approaches this with a view to improving.

Hope you likey.

As usual, this looks awesome :) Any plans to open source the code?

As usual, this looks awesome smile.png Any plans to open source the code?


Thanks. Yeah, when its done people can do whatever. Will get round to putting it on a repository one of these days.

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