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Black Triangle (well, red cat-man)

4: Adsense

Black Triangle (well, red cat-man) Bit of a black triangle screenshot but finally, after many weeks of preparation, have managed to:

a) Make a model I don't despise too much to use, using my modeller
b) Rig it
c) Export it from my modeller in a format friendly for my "game"
d) Replace the capsule with the character
e) Export a single pose from the modeller's animation system and apply it to the character via a vertex shader

So now you can move the character around in his silly static pose, jumping and walking on slopes and so on.

The more observant among you may have noticed shadows have been removed. Turns out these things just get trickier and trickier as you go along and didn't want to distract myself too much from the mechanics of getting an animated character running around a platformy 3D world so dumped them for now. Stencil shadows do not play nice with animated meshes anyway so I might have to approach this differently - maybe an orthographic shadow map approach from above, just to give some sort of visual cue to tie the character to the floor.

Next job is to export some animations from the modeller and work up an animation controller system for the game. Kind of grunt work in a way as it is all already implemented in the modeller, although once I have the basics working in the "game" I can look at animation blending and animation tracks again.

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