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Edge Shimmy

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About time I updated here. Been working on edge grabbing and shimmying. Animations are a bit pants but the basic actions are working okay.

Shimmying thankfully uses the same edges I generated for the edge walking in previous entries here. I just use a closest point to line method to check whether both hands are within range of an edge, then generate an edge based on the positions of the ends and the normal. Player rotates to face the normal and then can shimmy along by just trying to move the player along the edge in the requested direction with a test to see if the new position also has two valid hand positions.

It works okay, although the behaviour is a bit odd as you move from one shape to another. Need also to work out a way to lock you properly to the end of the ledge, and to stop you entering shimmy mode if there isn't room to move, but the basic idea is there.

Nice thing about this more cartoony style of jumping is I'm freed from making complicated "climbing up" animations. Actually jumping up or away from a grab position is literally just a case of switching into the jump state, so that is quite clean and looks good I think.

I'm using CamStudio for the videos by the way, since there was some recent discussion about screen capture. Very easy to use and acceptable results without any frame rate loss while recording.

May 27 2014 01:35 PM

It's about time I post a comment here (instead of just voting up). You provide some interesting read lately, and show an impressive progress. The entries about the edge handling was quite intriguing.


I only recently got into animation thanks to Buckeye's article, so I can remotely imagine the lot of work you are doing here.


Keep it up.

May 27 2014 03:31 PM

Thanks unbird. Actually the animation is pretty self-contained and runs itself now. Its the nasty corner cases of the physics that are proving tricky.


I'd never recommend rolling your own physics and character controller unless you are a masochist like me.

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