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4: Adsense

Developing a Graphics Driver I

Well, I've finished my first week. I want to write about what it's like to work on developing a graphics driver. First, we need to cover some basic architecture. Then I'll talk about the actual process. And remember, I'm on the DirectX driver team, so I'm going to focus on that. (I looked at OpenGL too, but I'm less clear on the...

Stop! Internship time.

So as some of you may know, I'm currently working for NVIDIA. I was hired as an intern on the DirectX driver team, and started on Monday. Just getting settled in now, and I'll mainly be doing performance tuning work for the Vista driver.

Warning: the rest of this post will read like an HR/marketing recruiting presentation.

This place is amazing....

The Famous Language Thread List

This one enjoys fairly significant popularity. (Note that only threads containing significant discussion are included.)

1) Professional Games Made In C#?
2) Java for game development?
3) Java----C/C++
4) c++ or c#
5) Question about Java Vs. C# Vs. C++
6) Java Games?
7) Java is fast?
8) Secondary Language:VB or Java?
9) What makes C++ so...

Collected Readings on Singletons

I was originally going to write something myself. I decided it wasn't necessary; Washu, jpetrie, and others did most of the actual work already. This list will be updated whenever I feel like it. The ones I like are in bold.

Washu's JournalWhy are you infected with Singletonitis?
Singletonitis, Part 2
Singletonitis, Part 3ThreadsSingletons and Memory...

Principles of Software Engineering

Here it is. A first round of Promit's Principles of Software Engineering. I may expand on this list in future posts, but this will get us started nicely.

1) All good software engineering is fundamentally motivated by KISS and YAGNI.
It's a fairly straightforward observation that the complexity of software increases as functionality and flexibility are...

Why I Hate Developing in OpenGL

I've decided that I'm pretty tired of repeating this all the time, so I may as well write it all down.
The official spec doc is completely useless; you have to refer to the extension specs for any kind of useful information.
The extensions thing is irritating, and you usually end up using several dozen by the time you're done doing anything vaguely serio...

Detailed explanation of GDNet's downtime

If you're reading this, save a copy. I'm revealing deeply guarded secrets of GDNet's internal operations. There's no telling when this post will be annihilated. Don't say I didn't warn you.
As many of you have noticed, GDNet has been down over the last ten days or so. While the site leadership wishes to keep the exact happenings secret, I feel you are all...