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Promit's Ventspace

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Wanted: Socket 939 motherboard

I'm looking for a s939 (AMD) motherboard to put together a mini server system for pretty much all my work (SlimDX, SlimTune, AR Labs). I have all the other pieces, it's just the mobo I'm missing. If someone is willing to send me an old but working one -- preferably micro ATX -- they're not using, that would be amazing. I will pay shipping.

I don't...

SlimTune UI Teasers

This is a combination of a couple Ventspace posts.

Here's a quick teaser of the new UI:

The window hosting the visualizer is missing all of its widgets, but will eventually have a variety of controls along the edges. The revised main SlimTune window is essentially complete. This window is always open as long as SlimTune is running, and maintains a list of...

SlimTune and Services

This is a short one, so I've provided full text today. As always, Ventspace is the source.

I've now added service and ASP.NET profiling support to SlimTune. Services seem to work, although I've tested it pretty minimally. ASP.NET should work but I'm really not set up to test it properly. I might attempt a VM based test later, because I'm not really...

SQLite Support in SlimTune

I've mentioned before that most of SlimTune's core functionality is pluggable. This actually includes the underlying data storage system. The app works through a fairly simple interface, and even SQL is only used by the visualizers and not the core program. To date, the engine in use was Microsoft's SQL Server Compact Edition (SQLCE). With the next...

SlimTune: UI Improvements

I've been doing some work on SlimTune quietly, and now it's to the point that I have to decide what the next phase of things should be. There are essentially three major groups of work to tackle: UI improvements, memory profiling, and instrumentation. I'll spend this post explaining what I'm looking at with the UI.

One of the ideas I had with SlimTune...

Advisory: You Should Probably Use FpuPreserve

Late copy of a post from Ventspace. Full text today.
One of the create flags for D3D 9 devices is FpuPreserve. It tells the Direct3D runtime that you don't want it to mess with the FPU flags, which it does to improve performance. And you should probably be using it.

FPU computations are a really hideously messy area, one that makes my head spin when...

Secondary Effects of iTunes Game Pricing

Every so often, someone complains about the overall price depression on the iTunes App Store to rock bottom. It's a theme that recurs fairly often, and I'm generally a little dubious about the people who are upset about it. It seems mostly to be a product of an actual free market -- you may think your game is worth five dollars, but if someone is...

Action = Reaction Labs LLC

This is from Ventspace, but today I've decided to give you the full text, on time.
I'd like to introduce you all to our new company, Action = Reaction Labs LLC. Our goal is to bring a pair of new technologies to the games market, starting with the iPhone, that I think could really change things. I know that's a pretty ballsy statement, but stay tuned...