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New Project - Star Blaster (working title)

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Yet Another New Project

Time for yet another new project: a 3D space shooter using the Unity engine, tentatively titled Star Blaster. (A quick google indicates at least 2 other games with the same title exist, so I'll probably change the name when I've thought of a different one).

Since Gamedev are awesome enough to allow hosting working Unity apps with the GDNet webspace (big thumbs up for that), I shall try to upload the latest build as frequently as possible, and keep a log of changes made here. It's not going to be anywhere near a decent game for quite some time (and the graphics will likely suck for just as long), but feel free to provide any feedback here.

The latest build can be found here.

Current Features

What's implemented so far is very basic: You can fly the ship around, and it's followed by the camera. \o/

The camera is attached via a configured 6DOF PhysX joint, with springs to return it to the defined anchor rotation behind the ship. I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out, though it might need a bit of adjustment when there's more than one ship type in game.

The ship control scheme is WASD for forwards, backwards and strafing, and mouse for pitch / roll. The space bar provides an additional booster, and left shift cuts the engine and turns off drag (à la Freelancer's tab / z keys). I'm not really sure I like the pitch / roll model, and will probably implement a rotate towards type thing for comparison (the real test probably will come when turrets / shooting exist).

What's Next?

First up is fiddling with the Unity WebPlayer Template to show a keyboard layout below the WebPlayer. Then I probably need to think up some sort of hardpoint system, for simple creation of different engine types / effects and weapons turrets etc.

See the next page for ongoing progress this week.

Aug 22 2011 05:04 AM
Heh, I was looking for Spacescape just the other day. I remember reading about it on the Ogre forums months ago.

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