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New Project - Star Blaster (working title)

4: Adsense

Progress Log

  • Keyboard layout image created and placed below WebPlayer (a bit ugly, but it'll do for now).
  • Thruster fitting logic and placeholder particle effect added (thruster drains linearly over time and recharges non-linearly).
  • Changed the engine particle effect (figuring out the best general settings to base future engine effects on and enabled multiple particle systems per effect).
  • Changed the skybox (now one of the Spacescape presets). It's amazing how much better it looks just with this. I'll play with Spacescape some more later - seems like a pretty nice tool.
  • Changed the thruster effect to be the base engine effect (scaling particle velocity with current ship acceleration force). Added rather rubbish looking smoky effect as a thruster effect.
  • Experimented with engine trails, but they don't work very well. Mainly because the thruster / engine effects are done in local space, rather than world space, so they stick out in a different direction. Changing the engine effects to worldspace just doesn't look very good, so I'm leaving engine trails out for now.
  • Wing-tip vortex trails, however, look quite shiny, so they stay in.
  • Fixed bugs in thruster logic (ship can now go backwards, thruster turns off properly when out of energy).
  • Ship is now twice the size it was, and goes much faster and accelerates quicker (adjusted particle effects to match).
  • Added a couple of numeric readouts to the HUD (the top one is ship speed (velocity magnitude) and the bottom one thruster energy remaining)).
  • Toolitps now work (kinda fiddly working out the offset / text alignment so that they show on screen no matter where the item being hovered over is located, but it's done now).
  • "Parking brake" turns off mouse input and decelerates to a stop (enter key). Turned off by using one of the normal movement keys.
  • Parking brake added to keyboard map and player starts parked (currently called "All Stop" - might need a better name later).
  • GUISkin created for HUD (no visible difference, but will be useful later).
  • Simple muzzle flash exists as place-holder, triggered when firing.
  • First attempt at turrets is in. Turrets have a base, stem (yaws left / right) and barrel (pitches up / down) and aim at where the mouse is. Still needs some tweaking.
  • Eliminated barrel jittering (up vector now properly recalculated).
  • Added tracking speed to turrets (probably leave this high enough to be nearly instant for most turrets, but lower for torpedo type things).

To Do Soonish

  • Proper weapon slots / groupings.

Aug 22 2011 05:04 AM
Heh, I was looking for Spacescape just the other day. I remember reading about it on the Ogre forums months ago.

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