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Once a Bird

4: Adsense

Frog continued...

After finishing the frog sprites, I used the Farseer Physics Engine to include the frog in the game.
In order to make the frog feel real each body part was added as a separate entity and revolute joints were employed to connect the body parts to each other in the positions shown below:

A revolute joint connects two bodies but doesn't constrain their...


I'm doing an animated frog for Bennu, so I started by doing the frog sprite first.
Below are the steps the sprite went through in its creation.

1. I searched the net for reference pictures and drawings.

2. Paths were used to create the main shapes of the frog...

3. ...and the animated parts were left on separate layers so they can be used as...

More FX

I've changed the blocks' appearance and added some particles effects to give the idea the Bennu is burning the blocks away. Video here.

Hey kids...

...I guess I can say "kids" now, since I'm almost 30. >< Life sure gets depressing sometimes.

I've finished most of the artwork for the third "world", the egyptian Underworld, and I've also been working on new levels. Click here for a vid of a new level in the Underworld.

Right now I have 13 levels, I want at least 30. Making a level is fast...

Stuff from beyond...

Here's stuff I'm been doing for the Underworld, the next Bennu zone: