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4: Adsense

Deployment to the 360

Note that this is a replicate of my recent website post.

I just watched the second part of looking at XNA and am speechless. Deploying, running, and debugging an XNA game straight from Visual Studio, on an Xbox 360.... Wow.... I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that Creator's Club certificate.

Random Interest

Been a while!

Wow, it has been a while. I should really make it a routine to write something either on here, or the new website!

The old site was hacked together and I didn't really know how Drupal worked when I put it together. This new version uses Drupal 5.0 and actually uses it correctly and looks pretty clean too; I like it. The image gallery isn't quite...

Holy Web Host Batman!

So, I switched web hosts and moved everything over to the new host (TIGC, Slylabs, and Rob Loach .Net). The sad thing is that robloach.net kinda broke in the process. I think I'll just until wait the next version of Drupal comes out to fix it...

Speaking of Drupal, Krisc and I started up OpenXNA to take advantage of all the new space and bandwidth I...

BrickBust - More XNA

Seeing that I had never made a breakout clone, I decided to throw one together, while still experimenting more with XNA.


Random Interest
Look Behind You!

XNA and GameComponents

After a bit of fooling around in XNA a bit, I (almost) made an XNA renderer for CeGuiSharp. There's still a bunch wrong with it and I'm not quite sure that I'll continue to hack at it. CeGuiSharp is such a mess and it's almost worth a complete rewrite from scratch with a new design. But you can see what came out from CeGuiSharp through XNA on the...

Hello XNA

As most of you know already, the XNA Framework beta was released so I thought I'd give it a try. It apparently requires Visual Studio 2005 C# Express (VS2005 Standard doesn't cut it), so I had to install that. Once that was installed, I loaded up XNA, ran one of the demos and kept on getting the following error:

It was time to upgrade my...

Platform Gaming Goodness

I've made some progress on the 2D platform gaming goodness also known as Hazardous Hal:

(click to enlarge)

A lot of things were redesigned, including a state system for the player. This means that it's much easier to manage whether they're falling, jumping, standing, etc. It's also very easy to add new states because you just derive from a class...

Mono + BooGame = Kaboom!

I have great, good and bad news. I'll start with the great news:Mono has setup a Mono VMware Image, which you can run SUSE ready packed with Mono through VMware Player. It's very nice because it lets you test our some of your .NET/Mono projects without having to reboot into a different operating system.

Mono VMware Image In Action (click to enlarge)