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Every Semicolon

4: Adsense

The Bridge

Stopped working on my engine because of time constraints (next point)
Worked at The Creative Assembly for a year on Xbox 360/PS3/PC game Stormrise and briefly on their next title
Moved to a programming job at a company making 3D 'serious games' training sims (still there)
Started a business to develop indie games on the side called South...

diarB dna kroW enignE

This entry: Entity Component System for my engine, Braid and stolen ideas (!!! :) ).

But first, I've got my first (well... second, but first that I'll be sticking with) job at a game dev. It's pretty much as entry level as you can get, but that's fine since there hasn't been any other jobs locally all year for me to go for. I might talk about it a bit more...

Slow development

I'll be talking in this entry about my engine progress, changing game plans, some thoughts on potential XNA development and thoughts on making a game using Exult Studio.

ES Engine Development

I realised it has been a while since my last journal entry so I thought I could use it as a way of getting myself back into a good attitude for...

Engine work

Since my last entry my focus has been on my engine more than any RTS gameplay aspects. I did get level editing/painting stuff working and generating pathfinding information from the terrain done, but I'll talk about that more later when I get back to it.

The main reason I've avoided working on RTS stuff and also haven't posted an Outworlder post...

Some info on my new game project


I thought I'd provide a bit of information on the game I'm currently starting because I'll be updating the journal often to talk about what I'm doing, what I've done and how I did it, and anyone that's interested in seeing how this project goes will know a bit about what to expect.

I was going to post an...