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Every Semicolon

4: Adsense

Every Semicolon: Part 6, 7 and 8

I decided to hold off on posting about episodes 6 and 7 (which have been online for around a month) until I'd done episode 8 and was ready to continue rolling along with this game. After episode 7 I knew it would be a while before I had the time to do so since the project at my day job was entering the final ultra-crunch stage. Now that's over with...

Every Semicolon: Part 5

Part 5 is now online. I wanted to spend a bit of time on something other than the core gameplay mechanics so in this relatively short (1 hour) video I create a waving grass shader and an editor window to support mass placement of said grass (or any other prefab).

Part 5:


Every Semicolon: Parts 3 & 4

Parts 3 & 4 are now online. I've created a playlist that I'll update as new videos are added.

Part 3:

(I Recommend watching in fullscreen 1080P....

Every Semicolon: Part 1 & 2 - A video capture of a game made from start to finish

Before starting our new game project I had a thought: that I could record the entire process from start to finish and put it online as both a learning tool for others, and a way of receiving feedback on what I do so I too might learn some new things and improve the game before it’s released. This will be a fairly long series as while the game is not...

Unity Asset Store

As an indie game developer it is hard to find the ideal marketplace for your current needs. Depending on your circumstances, the time and budget you have available will vary, as will the required monetary success.

Thus far through South East Games' short existence, our focus, like most others, has been the iOS App Store. While it can't be denied...