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A new video

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It is incredible: I did code for my game ! I added two new "events": one to move an object and one to display text. They are both demonstrated in a new video I put on youtube here:

What is shown:
- a few monsters cleanup
- some "bonus" pickup
- text displayed when entering an invisible area
- teleportation of the player when approaching the gate
- activation of a particles emitter when the player arrives at destination
The video is not always smooth as it is a bunch of pictures saved by the game in 1024x768 every 40ms in BMP format.
Attached Image

The next step is to update the level editor to allow event edition. For now, I put them directly in the level description file using a text editor...

Nov 17 2011 08:45 PM
Loving the art style, but that falling/raising effect for terrain leaving/entering the player's area looks very distracting.
Nov 18 2011 01:24 AM
Yay. I'd forgotten all about this game. Great to see it still lives :)

Have you considered making the blocks appear based on line of sight rather than just a radius from the character? Just a thought.
Nov 18 2011 03:06 PM
The initial idea I had was the line of sight thing but it was too distracting and really hard to explore. At the beginning of the video, I find a treasure chest with a "-1 range" bonus in it reducing the visible range of tiles around the player. It can look confusing but when playing it is not a problem (it is better to get multiple "+1 range" bonuses, though). The goal is to make the feature part of the gameplay (some creatures can lower the tiles, some tiles are fixed, some can move slower, some bonuses will be hidden behind walls when you come close, ...) and not only a visual effect or a way to make exploration harder. Maybe after some more testing I will increase the initial radius...

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