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OddGames development journal


Posted by , 25 April 2008 - - - - - - · 266 views

Character design
Hell, I can't decide whether to use hand drawn or 3D pre-rendered characters in game. So I have once again changed my mind and gone for 3D rendered characters. The last few days worth of work have gone into refining the previous 3D model I posted. The images shows how far I have come until this point.

I have gone for the more "classic" science fiction style with a white and gray colored uniform/suit. I have started working on his animation but I can't show anything just yet.

I have also incorporated a sort of cool looking fog. It isn't anything high-tech... just a blended quad drawn in a separate pass but I think it looks pretty nice. It animates a little bit too!

That's all for now, have a great weekend!


Posted by , 13 April 2008 - - - - - - · 210 views

Oh how I love scripting! I’m pretty new to lua but I can already see what it will do for my project. I have just finished writing a piece of code that moves my character below around using fixed C functions and lua scripting. I can have him patrolling three waypoints with a simple move-to function, like this:


if pos[1]==83 and pos[2]==65 and pos[3]==1 then moveTo=1 end
if pos[1]==86 and pos[2]==68 and pos[3]==1 then moveTo=2 end
if pos[1]==84 and pos[2]==73 and pos[3]==1 then moveTo=0 end

if(moveTo==0) then
elseif (moveTo==1) then

This small script (and others like it) will enable tons of cool stuff :) Now.. back to the drawing board, I need more animations!

Journal header
I just added a "Game Project" image to the journal header to remind me that I’m actually aiming to develop a game, not an engine or an editor. Anything to keep my spirit up!

That's all for now!


Posted by , 10 April 2008 - - - - - - · 153 views

Here is the walk cycle I mentioned in the previous entry. I haven’t been animating anything for quite a while so this has been quite an exercise. Hope you like the pixel work that has been put into this. The animation is eight frames long.

Now I just need to paint the remaining 7 directions.

New stuff

Posted by , 10 April 2008 - - - - - - · 274 views

Sorry that I haven't been updating my journal lately. I've just been to busy on other things. Anyway, I've started fleshing out the actor/NPC design a little bit more. I have been tossing and turning whether to make a separate character editor or to incorporate a simple editor into the existing map editor. I came to the conclusion that it would be easiest to incorporate it. A character editor sounds like a big word for one menu tab. I have also decided to use hand-drawn characters instead of pre-rendering them, at least for now. I have bought a nice little 2D animation application named Pro Motion 5.1. It really is a must-have for pixel animators. The program reminds me a lot of Deluxe Paint 5 on the Amiga. I have painted this small guy to the right in this program. Right now he can only stand but I am working on a walk cycle for him.

I have thought it be best to have separate images for each action a character can make. For example each of these actions would have different image files:
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Talking
  • Dying
  • Resting
  • Swimming
  • Etc.
Each image is going to have all the directions needed for the action concerned, eight directions in total but more directions shouldn't be a problem. Each direction will be forced to have the same amount of frames but that should not cause any problems. There is however no restriction in how many frames an action can have. A walk cycle could have… lets say eight frames, while a talk cycle would have fifteen frames. I think it is unwise to have different number of frames depending on which direction the character is facing. Here is an image showing how I have planned a typical walk cycle to be constructed:

When I want to change the frame for a character I only need to place the texture coordinates where the desired image is. This method will require less from the graphics card than if I would have a separate image for each frame in each action and direction. Hope this all made sense?

Oddgames related
A few years ago I completed a small multiplayer space shooting game called Rymdraket. The game played a lot like the classic game Gravity Force. I decided to do a google search and see what kind of results I would get, just for fun. I found out that the game is now widely spread on all kinds of servers and game demo sites. Particularly two of these sites (ugo and gwn) told me that Rymdraket actually was developed by 14 degrees east and published by o3games. I suspect that neither 14 degrees east nor o3games has anything to do with this and that the fault lies on the game sites. But It was quite fun to see a big game company taking credit for my small space shooter… developed at my parents place when I was younger.

Last words
I hope to be able to update this journal a bit more frequently in the future. Would be nice to know what you think of the walking cycle I’m drawing for instance.

That is all for now, thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


Posted by , 23 February 2008 - - - - - - · 283 views


I’ve begun working on a human male model that is to be used in the game. The model is not complete yet and it is intended to be used a generic model from witch I can derive other male models from by some customization. It was quite some time since I last modeled something in 3D but I think I still got the hang of it.

I have also drawn a simple red lodge with white ridges (an extremely common building here in Sweden btw). I don’t know if I’m going to use it, I just wanted to try to render a house with a roof at an angle.

That's all for now!

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