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OddGames development journal

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Character design
Hell, I can't decide whether to use hand drawn or 3D pre-rendered characters in game. So I have once again changed my mind and gone for 3D rendered characters. The last few days worth of work have gone into refining the previous 3D model I posted. The images shows how far I have come until this point.

I have gone for the more...


Oh how I love scripting! I’m pretty new to lua but I can already see what it will do for my project. I have just finished writing a piece of code that moves my character below around using fixed C functions and lua scripting. I can have him patrolling three waypoints with a simple move-to function, like this:


if pos ==83 and...


Here is the walk cycle I mentioned in the previous entry. I haven’t been animating anything for quite a while so this has been quite an exercise. Hope you like the pixel work that has been put into this. The animation is eight frames long.

Now I just need to paint the remaining 7 directions.

New stuff

Sorry that I haven't been updating my journal lately. I've just been to busy on other things. Anyway, I've started fleshing out the actor/NPC design a little bit more. I have been tossing and turning whether to make a separate character editor or to incorporate a simple editor into the existing map editor. I came to the conclusion that it...



I’ve begun working on a human male model that is to be used in the game. The model is not complete yet and it is intended to be used a generic model from witch I can derive other male models from by some customization. It was quite some time since I last modeled something in 3D but I think I still got the hang of it.

I have also drawn a...