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OddGames development journal


Posted by , in Graphics, Medieval Story 26 February 2013 - - - - - - · 927 views

At last I have gotten my Cintiq display. It works great! Drawing new graphics is a breeze. This should allow me to do some nice portraits for the game NPCs and such. The display takes up a large chunk of my table though.

Game development progress... I’m trying out some new building graphics together with multiple floors. The new house type has walls made out of wood planks. I think it makes the house look a little bit more sophisticated. I find that a mix of the two building types gives a village a bit more of natural feel, I like.

But all is not well; multiple floors have raised an issue with the pathfinder. The pathfinder uses a ray test when finding out where the player wants to go. Right now the ray test only returns the closest point on the nav mesh (to where the player clicked with the mouse). This results that only points on the top floor of the building are returned. This is bad if the player wants to go to a floor in the middle or in the bottom of the building. I need to find a point on the nav mesh which is on the same floor as the player. I am guessing this will require some work and tweaking to get right, stairs for instance… might get a bit tricky.

Some screens showing the new graphics:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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