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I've been playing around in blender from time to time... just to get my mind on something else. Now I have stumbled on to a work-in-progress tool that I like to shed a light on. It can be found in a blender branch from Nicholas Bishop (a blender developer), i.e. not an official build from the foundation. It's a sculpting tool called dynamic topology that hopefully makes it to the trunk in the near future. It works almost like the other excellent 3D tool called Sculptris. The tool lets you model/sculpt like you were working in clay. You can make areas more detailed or simplified as desired and the mesh will conform to the new shape, adding triangles or removing them on the fly.

I made this crude flat-shaded head in a couple of- hmm hours? I didn't keep track of time :-P You can see the different triangulation resolution on his forehead and shoulder compared to the more detailed areas around his eyes (the triangles have disappeared in size). Anyway... It's a pretty cool tool! If you are a blender user doing sculpting I would really recommend you to try it out!

Posted Image

I found a build at GraphicAll.org


Hope everyone had an excellent summer. Thanks for reading! =)

Aug 07 2012 08:22 PM
Very nice art!

(Although, I can't say I like Blender honestly. I consider myself a fairly creative person, and I can find my way around most 3D apps pretty quick - 3D max, maya, all pretty intuitive with good work-flows. I consider Blender is the worst when it comes to smart UI design and user-friendliness.)
Aug 07 2012 11:55 PM
Very nice!! I'm a big fan of sculpting over building organic models by box modeling, or other means... Mudbox and zBrush are my #1 picks!

Looks like a great tool!!!!
Aug 08 2012 12:04 AM
That are great news.

Using multires and sculpting is very slow and clumpsy, but dynamic adjusting of the topology sounds great.
Aug 08 2012 09:49 PM
Yay, Blender.

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