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Characters and transparency

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Hello, I like to thank you for still reading this journal despite it being rather sparse and only sporadically updated. Lately I have been focused on character modelling. I have a base model which I derive my characters from, I am not very happy with its animations but they will have to do for the time being. Here are a few of the models I have created:

Posted Image

As you can see there are no female models (yet). I hope to get around to do a base model for women too.

I have also been implementing transparency fading of items and npc when entering different floors of a building. Here is a youtube video showing the fading in action.


Oh, I almost forgot... I've started a twitter account for those who are interested in reading shorter snippets. ;-) @olofsson77

Thanks for reading!

Mar 27 2013 10:08 AM
At 0:39, that guy should have punched you in the nose for pushing him around like that.

Looking awesome, O-san. The transparency effect is smooth and natural. I like it.

Still... he really should have punched you or something. That's just rude behavior.
Mar 27 2013 03:29 PM

Looks excellent.


Re the animations, I'm always amazed that you can hand-draw all the frames from all the different angles. Must be such a chore. The animations look fine to me but I know how it feels when everyone else says something looks good but you know it isn't quite right. Good luck improving it, I don't envy you the work involved :)

Mar 28 2013 12:03 AM

Really excellent art work !

Mar 28 2013 05:22 AM

Love that style.. reminds me of dungeon siege (the original, at least). And the textures are simple and excellent. I like it smile.png

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