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Tower construction.

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Hello again!

New levels are taking form. This is a large stone tower set along the sea side. It's the local wise man's residence. The protagonist must seek him out to solve a number of problems. I have drawn this sketch to get a general feel for how I want the location to look:

Posted Image

Since this is a rather complex building I want to be sure all pieces fit together nicely when building the tower. I have therefore prebuilt the base structure of the tower with only simple building blocks. This allows me to determine the size of each 2d texture block before I start to draw it. Here is an animation from the level editor. It shows the progress of the construction:

Posted Image

It also allows me to test whether a navigation mesh can be built. This is a very important step to do since I want the player to be able to walk around and up the different stairs cases. No passage should be so narrow that the player can't get through.

I will be posting an update when the tower gets nearer completion. Be sure to visit my indiegogo campaign if you like this project.
Thanks for reading!

May 20 2014 08:23 PM



Concept and design art is important!  I am glad to see you including it. 


It seems like you are having fun with this, huh?

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