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Journal of dbaumgart

4: Adsense

Darklands and the Black Arts of Text

Darklands and the Black Arts of Text This piece was originally posted on my personal website blog yesterday, though I think it'd be appropriate to put here as well due to talking about some ideas that are particularly applicable to indie games. (I'll apologize here for the state of formatting in this entry; copy & pasted text is not playing nice.) To give a bit of background to the pos...

Selling Assets Online & Store Comparisons

Selling Assets Online & Store Comparisons In additional to my own projects and freelance jobs, one of my goals this year is to build a humble - but steady - stream of income from selling game assets online via the various game dev asset stores. A few reasons make this appealing:
When I do freelance work, I find myself drawing a lot of the exact same stuff for different people. Partly this is beca...

Learning 2D Unity

So I've been doing lots of reading up on Unity & tutorials to get a grip on how it works. I felt like rambling about a few thoughts and observations about Unity in the process of doing this, so here goes. 
When a pixel isn't a pixel  
Although I've worked in a 3D pipeline, my skillset is 2D art. If I'm making a game, it's going to use 2D art...

A review of works from 2011-2016

So it's been five, almost six years since that last entry. I was busy for a bit there it seems, eh? Let's do a quick review of what happened to catch up to the present. 2011-2012: Dredmor  With two other guys I founded Gaslamp Games. Being "the artist" I got the grandiose corporate title best-met-with-skepticism of "chief creative officer". I do...

Starfarer: Celestial Spheres

The world of Starfarer has lovely 3d planets which roll beneath whatever chaos you are sure to wreak out in space. It is only right, for what good is space without planets to fight over?

Below: Flying an absurdly over-armed frigate past a...