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Unity raytracer

Unity raytracer Messing about with Unity, wrote a little raytracer - quite easy as Unity does all the hard work!

Have a bash... stick a few spheres, planes, lights in a scene then stick this script on an object:using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class Tracer : MonoBehaviour{ public Color AmbientLight; [Range(0.0f, 1.0f)] public float Reflectivity; pri...

Once is happenstance...

Twice is coincidence, so Mr Fleming wrote.

I love Chaos. The game that is - that old Speccy turn-based peculiarity.

Mr Gollop is one of my programming heroes. His work probably influenced me more than any other to take up programming; games programming in particular. I used to dream up great new ideas that I'd add to Chaos when I became a programmer. On...

Well well well...

The official Carrier Command remake is finally released. It took them 6+ years with a smallish team, and the results... well let's see.

'Vulcan is now an enemy island!'

The Carrier 2 remake is now dead. Gone. Buried.
With the intended release of an official Carrier Command game from the new IP holders, I can't really continue with my friendly remake.

I do intend to take what I have, hopefully get more people on it, bypass any IP issues and get something released. Eventually.
And with the planned modding ability,...


Gratuitous C2 screenie that I quite liked, showing the enigmatic Walrus.

You can just see how the procedural placement of the structure foundations allows the terrain to poke through and look silly sometimes ;)
You may also notice how the framerate has halved due to the FBO stuff. Still investigating that one :( Suspect maybe the render buffer...


OK so Carrier2 doesn't like ATi gfx cards. Or the other way round. Either way I'm in the process of rebuilding my spare PC with a rather ageing but still robust Radeon 9800 Pro :)

In other news, I picked up a little 'medieval' RPG-style game called 'Mount & Blade' on steam some weeks ago. This project started out as a man & wife team editing a...

Into the shadows...

So while I wait for a physics fix-up, I thought I'd take a look at that scary omnipresent todo-list item casting a dark shadow on my thoughts - erm... shadows. As is becoming usual with these game dev things, getting an initial implementation working wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be (umm standing on the shoulders of giants & all...

Vegetative vagiaries

Argh - I is demoted! Lost my GDNet+ status due to my paypal details becoming obsolete. Was a shock to see a blue avatar icon next to my name and be unable to post here! Fixed now :)

Had a bit of a bad time with my chosen Lua binding lib LuaPlus recently - it seems I can't trap any meaningful error output when calling Lua functions from C++. This makes...