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Modifiably mayhem

4: Adsense

Messing with another feature provided by Newton: modifiable collision prims. I've currently got a system to attach bodies together via joints, but its quite complex and leads to some problems with collision processing (and is probably overkill for things like the deck lift.)
With modifiers I can just set the matrix of a bodies collision prim rather than using forces & friction etc. Can obviously lead to other problems if abused though... :o

Dec 07 2007 01:37 AM
Well well well :) great to see we are all still here :)

hope you all been having a good time and martin looks like you comming along fine :)

i pop back again soon to say a proper hello, but hope your all looking forward to christmass and if any ones bored try looking up mindrover on the inter net and haveing a go.. great if you like programing robots :)
Dec 07 2007 02:24 AM
Hi Devil!

Good to see you're still around - looking forward to some quality heckling ;)
Dec 07 2007 04:34 AM
Well its nice to see you still keeping up the good work...

hope lifes been treating you well over the last few months. and still looking forward in antipication to seeing some more videos of the code in action ;)

You know i still can't belive how even all these years later, i can still pick up the original of this game and enjoy it!! its one game that has never lost it!!

Well time for me to wander of home now. i be back soon to really start ;)

Take care


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