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Posted by , 07 February 2008 · 314 views

Probably won't be around here for a while... kiddy # 2 due any hour now... already given us a few sleepless nights and one false alarm and he's not even here yet!

Neeeeeed.... sleeeeep...

Hope it all goes well
Yah, all the best for the delivery! Although its probably over by now!
Congrats! Bring a laptop into the delivery room and see if you can crank out some code before your wife smashes you on the head with it....

Hope the delivery went well :)

Cheers GameDev people :) All went to plan - nuvver healthy blokey in our clan - now the real work begins (for me anyway!)

...I was almost tempted jt ;)
awww congrate mate!! gald to here it all went well..

my lovely lady wants to be having one soon!! well first theres a marrage to get out the way!! but then she wants little babies to keep us up all night as well~!!

any way like i say conratlations sir and feel free to have a day or two enjoying the new arrivial before you get back to th3e important job of coding ;)

take care and have a drink on us :)
Been there done that. Now I just let 'em stay awake in the gameroom until they nod off.

P.S. I'm not advising that for the rest of you...
Many drinks had, devil ;)

Lol yeah the missus already protests about me turning the first one into a 'game geek' :)

and whats the matter with being a 'game geek' ?

I tell you girls just dont understand..........

gratz again.

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