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Posted by , 23 March 2008 · 377 views

Well. Had to revert back to visual studio 2003 today (made servicable via several workarounds), due to the ridiculous 'cannot open file yadder yadder' bugs in vs2008. There's a fix planned in the first service pack, whenever that may be. Quite shocking that Microsoft *still* can't get things right after so many years :( Then again, with Vista to work with, could *anyone* manage it?!
Basically most of my Carrier hackage time recently has been spent fighting bugs and problems with Microsoft's stuff.

What a shame -- I rather hear about wavy water and getting physical. I've been so unimpressed with Vista that I'm just going to skip it and wait for the next MS OS, which promises a stripped down kernel with lots of choices for optimization. But than, I swore I'd never install XP due to the stupid "phone home" feature, and I somehow got past that sticking point. Maybe the next Vista Service Pack will make a difference ... but I don't think it will.

It's a nice feeling when the kid starts getting the hang of life and settles into a routine. I hear that happens about the time they leave for college....

seems the first service pack is out


As above im sticking to XP until something better comes along.

Just make sure and test that it still all works in XP :)

A routine is the best thing for kids - just make sure that the routine allows you 'puter time'. Still chomping at the bit for you to finish (or at least get a beta)

Feel the same havint been near Vista yet.. Maybe I will when service pack 2 comes out.. After all it wasnt untill Service pack 2 that XP really got sorted out..

Any way hope you all had a nice easter and have fun with all the codeing :)
lol yeah JT: I was 'happy' with Win98 for ages, then Win2k... Micro$haft's support cycles seems to be getting ever shorter nowadays though :(
As a dev though, I thought it best to grit my teeth and *try* and keep current with the new OS. Tsk. I was quite surprised how well it ran on a Vista laptop with OpenGL though, ignoring some weird threading issues...

Don't worry though - XP is my Windows priority. Vista is more a curiosity item for now (I'm rather inclined *not* to support it due to all the DRM crap in there).

(P.S. I meant the Visual Studio service pack above, not the Vista one).
Talking about bugs in VS on Vista got me thinking.

There is a nice program called Scite that I use for editing code in place of Visual Studio. Then I use a command line like

"C:\Program Files\msvc2k3\Common7\IDE\devenv" /build release background.sln > out.txt.

I mostly use Visual Studio only for debugging and resource editing.

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