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4: Adsense

Well. Had to revert back to visual studio 2003 today (made servicable via several workarounds), due to the ridiculous 'cannot open file yadder yadder' bugs in vs2008. There's a fix planned in the first service pack, whenever that may be. Quite shocking that Microsoft *still* can't get things right after so many years :( Then again, with Vista to work with, could *anyone* manage it?!
Basically most of my Carrier hackage time recently has been spent fighting bugs and problems with Microsoft's stuff.

Mar 24 2008 02:50 AM
What a shame -- I rather hear about wavy water and getting physical. I've been so unimpressed with Vista that I'm just going to skip it and wait for the next MS OS, which promises a stripped down kernel with lots of choices for optimization. But than, I swore I'd never install XP due to the stupid "phone home" feature, and I somehow got past that sticking point. Maybe the next Vista Service Pack will make a difference ... but I don't think it will.

It's a nice feeling when the kid starts getting the hang of life and settles into a routine. I hear that happens about the time they leave for college....
Mar 24 2008 08:15 AM

seems the first service pack is out


As above im sticking to XP until something better comes along.

Just make sure and test that it still all works in XP :)

A routine is the best thing for kids - just make sure that the routine allows you 'puter time'. Still chomping at the bit for you to finish (or at least get a beta)

Mar 24 2008 10:17 PM
Feel the same havint been near Vista yet.. Maybe I will when service pack 2 comes out.. After all it wasnt untill Service pack 2 that XP really got sorted out..

Any way hope you all had a nice easter and have fun with all the codeing :)
Mar 25 2008 12:27 AM
lol yeah JT: I was 'happy' with Win98 for ages, then Win2k... Micro$haft's support cycles seems to be getting ever shorter nowadays though :(
As a dev though, I thought it best to grit my teeth and *try* and keep current with the new OS. Tsk. I was quite surprised how well it ran on a Vista laptop with OpenGL though, ignoring some weird threading issues...

Don't worry though - XP is my Windows priority. Vista is more a curiosity item for now (I'm rather inclined *not* to support it due to all the DRM crap in there).

(P.S. I meant the Visual Studio service pack above, not the Vista one).
Mar 31 2008 12:42 PM
Talking about bugs in VS on Vista got me thinking.

There is a nice program called Scite that I use for editing code in place of Visual Studio. Then I use a command line like

"C:\Program Files\msvc2k3\Common7\IDE\devenv" /build release background.sln > out.txt.

I mostly use Visual Studio only for debugging and resource editing.

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