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Model WIP

Posted by , 26 March 2008 · 357 views

Some models that are currently in progress... nothing to set the modeling world alight just yet ;) Something suitably industrial and semi-futuristic to give the resource islands some character. Somewhat inspired by my daily commute past the Weston Point refinery complex.

looking gooood! Love that one on the left!
Way cool. It catches the futuristic industrial look you want, but it also seems to reflect a bit of the original flavor with the strutwork and geodesic domes. I can't wait to see more!
Ta peoples :) The modeling is low-pri at the moment, second to getting the code done. Just knock these up on my lunch break at work when I have the time. Need to write a structure/vehicle shader next to get per-pixel lighting + nice matt effect etc.
There is deffently a retor look from the origial game.. as well as a nice future look.

I tell you, i think you captured the feel of the first game perfectly mate..
Cant wait to see it when it all starts falling into place and creates a real game..

have fun and happy coding..

I still waiting to get my laptop replaced.. so i cant do any thing at the moment at home :( pity cause you are inspiring me sir!! ;)

hope all the family well and take care.
Didn't that used to be called 'Fiddler's Ferry' ? I noticed they tried to 'revitalise' that part of Runcorn by calling it all 'Halton Lea'.. It's still mostly all run-down and industrial as far as I can tell, but I haven't been there for years.. :)
Hello Grunes!
Lol, Halton's a bit further down the road - there's a permanent pile of scrap there to rival the Springfield burning tyre mountain in the eyesore stakes :)

Devil: Ta m8. Soon.... soon(ish) :)

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