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Nope, not an April fool... I have actually done something! ;)

Ok, Surface vehicle basic waypoints mostly working again. Walrus now seems to skid like mad on land for some reason now - still investigating... probably that damping issue again :(
Hacked in manual Walrus docking too for now - just drive up the Carrier rear entry and you'll get docked when inside. oo-er.

Manta autopilot somewhat serviceable again... lots more work needed there though.

Apr 03 2008 05:52 AM

Manual Docking! I don't even think the original game had that, did it? Now, you could land a Mantis on an island runway, but there was rarely a reason to do so. The only time I tried that was when I was trying to set a trap for the enemy carrier and surprise it with a couple of fully loaded Mantises and Walruses hiding on a strategic island. But, it never showed up....
Apr 03 2008 10:24 AM
Well I figured... why piddle around with icons when you can just do it yourself, and get extra immersion factor in the bargain ;)
Can take off manually too.
Although the plan is to allow auto docking/landing with queueing too so you can get on with planning the next island attack :E
Apr 04 2008 10:46 AM
I'd leave a couple Manta's on the Island and hit the Enemy Carrier as it was coming in. Then when it noticed my carrier waiting on the other side of the island, it races around, but I'm already showing it my rear, steaming away at low speed, lauching missle after missle, not forget.... But I digress, Woo Walrus Drifting!!! Okay, I've been in the booby hatch for a few days and I gotta let off steam.

Anyways, everything looks great here. Happy New Battlestar Galactica Day!
Apr 06 2008 06:48 AM
Still patiently waiting...

OK, times up! Where's the game, Martin?!?!?!?

Hope your new little one is letting you sleep. Keep up the good work.


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