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Posted by , 15 April 2008 · 313 views

Vista annoyance number 52 in a series of 500:
Carrier2 app hangs with a black screen roughly 50% of the time it's run. Having an explorer window open seems to help (wtf?!)
Single-stepping in the debugger always runs fine, so can't narrow the problem down that way.
It's probably something Microshaft put in to hinder OpenGL app dev.

This pathetic excuse for an OS is pissing me right off at the moment :(
The only thing saving it's sorry ass is the amount of work needed to reformat and install XP and set everything up again.

/vent off

I bet Phantom would have some better clue why that kind of thing is happening -- have you posted in the GL forum?

I kept thinking my app was broken because I'd only get a black screen, until I realized that I had turned off dual-screen hardware GL acceleration and had the window on the wrong monitor.

Also, you should make sure your drivers are updated.
Hmm probably worth a post then. It's just strange that it works half the time and fails the other half (ish) :-/

We got Vista annoyiances in our flightsim project too. A couple of them. Heh. Btw, good job in the Manta and its shaders! Looks gorgeous!
Hey Dante!

Cheers man - how's your sim doing nowadays?

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