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4: Adsense

List above updated... very good progress over the last few weeks.
Got loads of little things done, unfortunately a lot of them too small/unplanned to show on the list... :-/

Surface vehicle autopilot basically done & working nicely, just need some code to avoid island structures intelligently.

Was also thinking of making the supply drone a user-pilotable Osprey-like vehicle rather than the surface-based 'box' of the original.

Also thinking I should include an 'easy' Manta control method like the original, with the on-screen cursor simulating joystick deflection. It's currently probably a bit too sim-like for a lot of original CC fans.

May 19 2008 02:07 PM
Sounding awesome. Definitely had a dream where the supply drone was a plane. Might make the auto pilot easier to program if it dosnt have to sail around anything.

Also, it'll be bitch'n to fly into the enemies network and shoot down their supply drones.

Also, use bitch'n whenever you can everybody! That phrase must not die.
May 21 2008 12:08 AM
Now are we talking island to island supply drones ?

or island to ship ?

or both ?

I can't wait to go shooting up the enemies supply drones :)

I think it would be nice if you can fly them, and speed up re-supplies. But it would be nice to keep the fully automated system in place as well.

(only casue i use to love setting a resupply drone going, and then sailing away from the island and have it chase me :) you can get them to come quite a way out you know in the original game :)

And make the manta controlable by mouse again!! it was great fun flying them around like that in the original :)

Sounds like you been having lots of fun with this.. can't wait to see it in action :)
May 21 2008 08:25 AM
Island to ship :)
Still toying with ideas for the bitch'n island-island drones.
May 22 2008 04:39 PM
Hovercraft? Some sort of ship? Airship? Hydro-foil? Ekronoplan?
May 24 2008 10:49 PM
I say keep it simple..

how about some thing like this.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekranoplan (as i have jsut noticed was jsut mentioned before me ;) )

The old russian ground effect plane that flys just a few feet of the surface.

I dont think the player should have much control over them though. To much control of things like this I think would spoil the simplicity and flow of the game. The beughty of the original was it was a action game first and stratrigy second.

I think in the origianl, there where lots of differnt parts to the game. But each one only had a few controls/settings. So it meant it was very eassy to swith between them. so if you did have any control over supplie craft it should be simple and only require ajusting once in a while.

But it would be nice if you could see these hammering past you as you sailed between islands, and you had the abbility to damage/destroy them. so intrupt your enemies supply lines.

May be being able to control how much each can carry would be a nice idea. So if you make each one only carry a small amount, you end up with faster supply crafts but more of them (so easier to find for the enemy, but less serious if you lose one..)

or crafts that can carry more. but are there for are slower so more vunrable to attack. but as you wont have as many on the go at one time, they will be harder to find, but you will lose more supplies if one gets destroyed.

It would also be nice to have them follow set shipping lanes, but with slight random factors. So if you sit still in a shipping lane you may or may not see the supply craft goes by depending exactly how it travels through the lanes. but if you wanted you could send out mantas/warlus to petrol the shipping lanes. so cover a wider area..

Any way there my "simple" idea for them ;)

PS. I think that Ekranoplan would make a great looking supply craft. with a huge white wake behind it! :)

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