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Posted by , 23 July 2008 · 782 views

Just finished the mother-of-all-changes to the source code – a solid two weeks of hackage to some code that’s been in there right from the beginning!

Basically, the old island structure class wasn’t up to what I required, so it’s been ripped out & replaced with the concept of a ‘structure cell’. These replace the old single structure, providing a generic mounting point for a small complex of structures and objects all working towards a single purpose. Damaging any ‘working object’ in the cell will reduce the efficiency of the cell’s work (e.g. object production / raw material extraction). Also makes the islands look better as well as being more flexible for procedural sub-structure and related object placement.

Structures with a view:

Manta employing the new bomblet pod:

Now I'm off for my summer hols after that hackage workout - cya in a few weeks :P
P.S. Hope you notice the todo list up there is actually shrinking... :)

Mate its looking great :)

have a great holiday and hope its lovely and relaxing with the family..

looking forward to updates when you get back (your taking the laptop away to carry on coding aint you?? ;) )

Wow. Wow! WOW!!!

This looks so cool. Will the progressive damage of structures have much of a strategic effect on gameplay, or was that just too good to not put in?
All I can say is FAN-Bloody-TASTIC.

Enjoy a well deservered holiday. And come back refreshed and eager to get on with the excellent work.
Yeah - Have a good time Martin (you're probably already there and won't read this now, but..)

You should check this out too - looks pretty cool!! :)


Thunder & Lightning
Well... bloody English weather - got rained off hols - a few nice days and the rest unremitting rain. Feel about as refreshed as a dead sheep.

Grunaki: Ah T&L - I've been talking to Jonas for a few years now :)

JT: any damage to the structures will affect the cell's efficiency at what it does.
Aww sorry to hear about the weather ;(

I going to go camping around the UK for my honeymoon in september hopefully the weather will be a bit better for us!

At least your back in one piece though :)
We went camping for the weekend about a month back. Went out there Friday night and that was ok, but it pissed down all day Saturday and Saturday night while we slept, frigging squirrels got into our cooler and robbed a bunch of food (little barstewards!)

Sunday morning we got up and there was food remnants everywhere, Mosquitoes were swarming like crazy because of all the rain on Saturday and we just said "screw this", packed up and went home..

We were thinking of going away this weekend, but everything's fully booked (school hols and all) - the missus suggested going camping, but I think I'll give it a while before I try that again..
ROFL Grunaki - sounds like a fun holiday has been had by all :o

Congrats DWAH - gettin married eh?!
Yep I must be growing up :)

4th september to a sheep farmer ;)

so you never know in a few short years I might be joining you on the crying baby front!

You should - best thing you'll ever do..

Ours is 3 now - not so much a crying baby any more as a 'get into bed with you and the Missus in the middle of the night and steal all the covers and squirm around a fair bit till he's comfy and you're hanging over the edge of the bed' toddler - but he's great.. :)
You wait until he is old enough to take you down the pub for a drink (yeah I know you still have to pay). That's when you really feel great.
Doh - got another 12 years til pub time ;)
True though Grunaki - best thing ever... you also learn a lot about yourself in the process!
I just cannot wait to see how that Manta handles!

Has any one been to http://www.carriercommand.com/ recently? I still thought that old link was dead, but a huge project seems to have sprung up there....
um yeah... BTW, how does the name "Carrier Conquest" grab ya..?
um yeah... Hey, how does the name "Carrier Conquest" grab ya..?
Umm, yeah.. A case of "let's not go there?" 8-0

'Carrier Conquest' sounds good.. How about 'Harrier Command' ? ;-)
yup Carrier conquest sounds pretty cool.

To be perfectly honest though I don't really care what its called, I just want to play it;)
'Harrier command' - chortle - sounds like a spoonerism but aint :)

Ok sorted. Now... 10 points each for Manta & Walrus replacement names :)
I was thinking StingRay & Dolphin, though dolphin is maybe too girly :P Maybe a type of shark, always liked the sound of 'Mako'?

Norman: some form of release by the end of this year or bust, my good (patient) people.
How about Eagle and Orca?

No Pressure! We can wait a bit longer. LOL
Manatee & Platypus?

Kestrel & er.. Heldenbrau? :-Z

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