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Help wanted

Posted by , 23 September 2008 · 368 views

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Hmmm. Time to get this thing put to bed I think.

I need a good 3d skinner/modeller to help get this thing finished. Anyone out there interested in Carrier Command and can do better than my efforts? (it aint hard - It's programmer art FGS ;))

I'd love to help but I'm crap at that sort of thing .. (Well, I photochop things here and there for a laugh, but not that good at actually drawing stuff..)
Think we could see BETA by Christmas???
The plan is for an 'Alpha' release this year (no enemy carrier AI - just you versus some unfriendly islands) :o
I really wish I could help out, but I have no idea how to do that sort of thing :(

I'm almost tempted to get learning actually :)
Not directly on the topic, but I just finished reading your development journal (all 5.8 years of it!), and wanted to say something here:

Fantastic. Really. It takes a great depth of dedication and vision to stick to a project -- especially one of this magnitude -- for so long. What I find even cooler is that this started as an excuse to learn 3D graphics. [grin]

Anyways, keep up the awesome stuff. I'll be keeping a close eye on your journal, even though you seem to be more of a monthly updater. Looking forward to playing that Alpha this Christmas. [smile]
Likewise. I am incredibly impressed with everything that I have seen. I don't know the first thing about graphics modelling, but I'd be glad to help test the Alpha....
Heh cheers Dagger - sometimes I think I'm a bit mad, sticking with it for so long... I estimate I've spent about a years worth of working days on it so far!

I'll probably release first to those who've followed the project since the old days, get any hardware problems out of the way, then make a general release.

I'd prefer to get some better models in there beforehand - I've had loads of modelling help offers over the years but typically, not so many recently.

I'm kinda getting my hand forced by a certain www.carriercommand.com :o
So are you still 'in bed' with those guys or did they cut you loose?

I figured that the whole 'new names' for the vehicles thing meant you were on your own again, but I guess if you signed on the dotted line then they've got some rights...
Nah - they've not returned emails since last year. Shame, as I really wanted to be part of the "Carrier Command" name. Ah well, maybe I should work a bit faster next time ;)
hello... I'm what you would call a master 3D designer. I've been working in 3D animation since raytracing was first made available on the video toaster system. I don't have a huge amount of time to donate, however... I greatly enjoyed playing Carrier Command on my Amiga back in the good old days. I'm excited to hear about your project and would like to help. I'm sure you'd find my input and modeling useful. I only signed up to this site to post this comment and will not likely come back to check this thread. If you are interested please contact me by e-mail

metallic_medium (a) yahoo (.) com


I am familiar with 3D design, also vehicles. Could skin a couple of vehicles if it can be done in SketchUp.

Please let me know.

hey batbear sorry missed this post. I'll take a look at sketchup but not sure about its import capabilities.

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