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4: Adsense

Mmmmm... this isn't just *any* island... this is a Carrier Commander modified ridged perlin island with smooth shader topping, enrobed in jus de la mer!
Wouldn't you just *love* to make some models to inhabit this beautiful island?!

Thanks for the image layout idea, Mr HopeDagger ;)

Oct 02 2008 08:48 PM
Long time reader, second time caller.

I really want to play the game you've built but putting in the hard yards to actually build bits of it myself, well thats a different story. Maybe you could let us know what are you expecting from your fan base here?

Technically, what format are the model source files and what tools would you expect one to use to create, edit and update these? What models need to be added (the one's you have look a fraction shiny but complete for someone who want to have a play), are there new models or vehicles, updates to existing models, random extra elements or have we got to refresh the lot (love the Manta, surely that's a keeper)?

I have several years part-time graphics design experience (websites mainly) plus an undergrad 3d modeling course from decade+ years ago so consider myself a rusty volunteer. Could you please enlighten your avid readers as to what your looking for?
Oct 03 2008 01:52 AM
Original post by Aph3x
Thanks for the image layout idea, Mr HopeDagger ;)

Don't thank me. I stole it from Mr. Ravuya. [grin]
Oct 03 2008 04:23 AM
lol dagger :)

Well Mr Scottie, I suppose I should put up some more info...
I natively use Blender to model, but load in from the Collada format (.dae), so anything that exports to that (v1.4 so far).
The shininess is from the shader, which is one-size-fits-all at the moment.
Tha Manta is the only one I've paid much attention to really, and that still needs a lot of work.
Main model requirements are a new Carrier & Walrus + guns. Lots of guns. And planty stuff. Structures need tweakage and almost everything needs texturing.
Oct 03 2008 07:59 AM
that is a thing of beauty!

Oct 03 2008 08:30 PM
Certainly agree that it is a thing of beauty.
As for the rest I'm afraid to say it is all a bit gobbledegook to me.
Oct 06 2008 04:07 PM
Yep, that's a nice island all right.

As for what I was saying about my art skillz before - here you go..


(I apologize in advance..)
Oct 06 2008 10:09 PM
Finally got around to registering just to say:
Would love to make some models for you, but have neither the tools or the talent.

Best way to get people interested in making models etc for your game? Release it in a playable state but with crap models.
Oct 07 2008 10:06 AM
Inspiring, Grunaki!

lol yer Davey, that's plan A really ;)

Well I got a few people interested in the modelling now (and one experienced sound guy!) - just see how things go now :)

[ed] heh - I see I got mentioned in the Gamedev journal readings a few times :)
Oct 13 2008 11:04 PM
Very rough start, but how's this for a first attempt?


Thought I'd add a weapons platform to the back - looks a bit too much like a wing at the moment though. Weapons and pods would be mounted here - pods in the middle and weapons on the wings.
Oct 15 2008 09:02 AM
Woah - that aint bad at all - reminds me of a cross between the old walrus and The Sentinel, from two of my all-time fave games - nice!

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