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MJP's Last Stand

4: Adsense

DXSAS Controls Library

Already posted this in the XNA CC forums, but I figured "why not post it here too?"

Hey everyone. While working on a ModelViewer tool for my current project, I developed a handful of WinForms controls for editing the shader parameters of my material effects. I ended up making them use the DXSAS 1.0 UI Annotation (as documented here) so that I...

HDR Rendering Sample

Well I finished up my HDR Rendering Sample, and Rim posted it on xnainfo.com. He's still working on getting all the content stuff worked out for the site, so you'll have to make do with reading the write-up in .doc format. :P

If anyone catches any mistakes/bad practices/misleading comments please let me know, as I'd be very interested in...

A Preview of My New Sample

Over the weekend I finally got around to coding up one of the samples I've been meaning to do: a full HDR pipeline in XNA that uses LogLuv encoding. It's pretty neat: it lets you switch between fp16/LogLuv, and also lets you switch on and off multisampling and linear filtering fordownscaling so you can see the results of linear filtering when...

LogLuv Encoding for HDR

I originally posted this over on the xnainfo.com blog, but I've decided I like the entry so much that I'm going to shamelessly rip myself off. Enjoy!

Designing an effective and performant HDR implementation for my game's engine was a step that was complicated a bit by a few of the quirks of running XNA on the Xbox 360. As a quick refresher for...

Don't Cast Function Pointers (Unless You Really Know What You're Doing)

Yet another Evil Steve-esque journal entry that I can instantly whip out when needed, instead of typing out a detailed explanation

*Note: Any information here only strictly applies to Microsoft Visual C++, I'm nowhere near experienced enough in any other compilers to comment on them. And as always, if anything is wrong please let me know so I...

OpenGL 3.0

After taking a look at the newly-released spec and the cries of rage and disappointment that ensued...all I can say is "thank god I don't target Mac and Linux".

Posting WM_DESTROY is *not* how you destroy a window

In general, the Ask Beginners forum is positively rife with all kinds of Bad Win32 Code. I don't really fault the noobies for writing it...especially since chances are extremely good that they copied it from some crappy tutorial or used some outdated boilerplate code. Heck, for a long time the default Visual C++ Win32 code contained a function-pointer...

Working With Unicode in the Windows API

So the issue of Unicode and character sets is one that seems to come up quite a bit in the For Beginners forum (and elsewhere). Usually someone who is new to Windows programming will make a thread saying that the compiler barfs when it gets to their "MessageBox" call, and has no idea how to deal with it. Therefore I spent a lot of time explaining...