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MMORPG Development

4: Adsense

Sold for good

Mirage Online was sold for good, many years ago. Whoever has it now is doing whatever they are doing.

Unformed (.com) have been moved over to support a book series of mine, I'll have more information on that later.

Osinia is now my pride and joy.


Mirage.NET is my VB.net 2008 port of Mirage Online, who's source code is released under the Creative Commons license. The Mirage Core website, which is the only official community site for Mirage products and services (http://www.miragecore.com), will have forums and categories for Mirage.NET.

As many have known, I released an old version of the...

Another entry, another dollar

Linq have been awesome! I ended up creating a few extensions for basic development, but other then that, the feature rules :) I have been doing some researching for developing for OSX. It looks like one of the compilers I am using will natively support that OS in a few months or so, and that is good.

There is an OS called SkyOS (http://www.skyos.org)....

Mario Kart Wii Review

Last night, I went out and bought Mario Kart Wii ... Below is my fairly short review on it ... This is an honest review, not a paid fake review that most publications and websites provide.

As a disclaimer I am a huge fan of SNES and Gamecube versions. The N64 and DS versions felt rush, and had some bugs that should of been caught before release. With...

Linq To SQL to the rescue!

Well, little did I know, that Visual Studio 2008 shipped with a product called Linq. If you want to know more about it, check it out: http://msdn2.microso...y/bb425822.aspx

It solves the DAL problem in a major way :) Plus, with VS 2008 SP1 coming out with the Entity Framework as another way to provide a DAL .... It's all cheers!

The search for a DAL

You would figure a DAL (Data Access Layer) generation tool would be simple to find, for .NET 2008, but it's not ... I have found many code for manually creating a DAL, it's not that hard at all, only time consuming for even the slightest change.

So I'm off searching for a DAL generator ...

... Came across the vaporware known as CodeSmith / NetTiers....


Sometimes, it pisses me off when compiler/suite developers decide to cheap out on some of their components, yet sell those very same components for $$$ to customers. Talking about a huge profit!

For example, I spent the last 30 minutes customizing a customer made C# .NET class that should of been part of .NET framework. After some googling, I have...

All Hail Microsoft!

... Yeah ... Right ...

As some may know, Microsoft have two sets of users for their money making. Customers, and Companies/Developers. They make a massive amount of money from customers over businesses. When Microsoft developed Vista, they decided to make the OS secure and user friendly. At the same time, since developers and customers are polar opposites,...