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Journal of Mak

4: Adsense

SpaceGameJunkie Dominium Q&A Podcast!

SGJ kindly invited me to do a Q&A session in his regular(ish) podcast - some insights into Dominium the game and my plans for it, and some harsh truths about the pitch discussed open and honest stylee...http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/featured/sgj-podcast-13-dominium-qa-malcolm-sparrow/#more-6485 Enjoy!

Mak Studios Publically Acknowledges a Potential Trademark Infringement Against "Dominion"

It's a sad truth - but it seems we've unwittingly fallen foul of the Trademark and Patents legislation."Dominion" is in use by Rio Grande Games  for their card game and is apparently a pending trademark in the Video Games category.As a consequence - they have (through their lawyers) requested us to cease and desist from using their pending trademark for o...

Simon Roth's Maia - in Dominion!

Simon Roth's Maia - in Dominion! I'm dead chuffed to announce this one - for obvious reason!  Maia , the highlight anticipated indie title by Simon Roth, has gained praise and excitement since its Kickstarter project  took off to fund the games development.  Maia is an awesome looking “God Game” – in active development – where you create and manage an underground colony – mining and obta...

Dominion is Live on Kickstarter, Again!

Dominion is Live on Kickstarter, Again! The day is finally here - and we've pushed the button - our space-combat epic is back on Kickstarter and seeking funding once again!http://kck.st/139nQKu Thanks in advance to anyone who has a mind to back us this time around http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png