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Planning to fail... ?

4: Adsense

So, with no media interest what-so-ever, and no attainable way to get any, no social network to leverage, and a Press Release that may as well have been dropped into a Black Hole, it looks like trying to achieve our funding target on Kickstarter is doomed to fail.

There is no bitterness there, far from it. I have never underestimated Marketing and PR, but trying to do ful-time work, develop something worth showing on Kickstarter, and pushing for PR is quite a challenge as all of you no doubt know.

Trying to do PR when you have no real clue how is even harder. How many times do you send a tweet, or email, or submit on a sites 'Contact Us' page with the fear of becoming a pest to those you hope will throw you a mention which could be all it takes to bring in the tide?

But this process has evolved the core of Dominion a lot on Kickstarter - it was launched prematurely. Seeing Star Citizen and then Elite Dangeous launch in the same month I was intending after a year of planning panicked me. But after a series of updates I (modestly) think the pitch itself looks good, the backers so far share my belief - and those who I bounced this off before launch all agree. So I'm firmly convinced all we need is exposure.

Unless a Christmas Miracle occurs (and there are plenty of others in the world far more needy of one than I!) then the KS pitch will fail... but it won't die... I'm already planning what I call the Phoenix Pitch. But it raises interesting questions... do I rescope? Do I drop the fund target, cut some of the planned features? Will that make it more attainable? Because It won't matter if no-one sees the pitch yet again... or do I just copy/paste, and hope yet again?

Choices, decisions, problems, challenges... 'Watch this space...' ;)

Dec 08 2012 11:00 PM
I'm having a lot of similiar issues with the game I'm working on. I'm releasing on the Apple App Store next month, how do I get enough interest for it to have a chance? I don't have a budget to advertise with, and most of the guerilla tactics boil down to "know a lot of people".

So I'm rooting for you, for what that's worth :)
Dec 09 2012 05:34 AM
Cheers Silvanis! In the spirit of 'Indies Unite!' slap a link to your KS pitch here - peeps may see it! any exposure has to be worth a try!

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