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Kickstarter Faith

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To drag my previous journal entry on a bit - I have to say I'm really and pleasantly taken aback by the belief/faith shown by the backers. I've even had feedback from potential backers who have provided helpful suggestions which might persuade them to back in the future, which we've taken on board - the feedback has generally been great, so I'm still confident the pitch works - it's hopefully just a matter of getting people who like this kind of game to actually see the pitch.

I've now publically cited that I expect this pitch to fail (duh!) given the fund target, time left etc. and even so, the backers have still expressed their belief that the game looks good, and welcome a re-pitch.

I've thanked them gratefully, but it's worth noting here for others to see (such as Silvanis). Just because one pitch fails, it's not the end of the road. If people seem keen on the idea, then keep at it. The trick is to make a re-pitch better or more realistic so as not to bore or disuade the backers and lose them.

More to come...

Dec 14 2012 06:43 AM
After opening it in IE it works for me, including the video, it does seem to have issues with firefox, because I can't see the first video or any image besides the second youtube video.

Now to the images. Much better with images Posted Image
Here are some thoughts:
1. You are starting with the weakest concept art, adding better art later on.
2. The images as separators are often very dark and hard to read.
3. The game engine quality is somewhat low, it does not help to envision the final product.
4. The art and presentation of the art is really inconsistent. I.e. the first conecpt seems to be drawn on checker-paper, others are painted, then there are several pieces cluttered on really small images, the model rendering is somewhat out of place.

Building a feature complete engine and game in just 14 month is.. ehmm.. ambitious.

I know, you need money to make it look good, but people won't invest money as long as it looks ugly. Therefore instead of hoping and praying I would really create a consistent and polished presentation. I would start with
1. One hi-quality concept.
2. One hi-quality render of the according model.
3. One hi-quality ingame screenshot.
4. Add some eye-catcher visuals to your engine (particles ! explosions !).
5. Consider to switch the engine (unity,udk ?)

Use commercial art to pimp it, nobody want to see programmer art as placeholder. You don't need to spend a lot of money, you already feature a 3drt.com model, buy more art and work on a proper presentaiton, polish it like hell, like trying to pitch to a publisher.

The inconsistency, the low render quality, the missing quality in the game engine are all sign of an over-ambitious project lead by people with not enough experience for a hi-profile kickstarter project. If you have industry experience you should know what quality is expected to pitch a project. I know that this seems unfair and hard, being myself a hobby game developer I in a similar situation, but most potential backers will look for just a few seconds on your project until they decide to invest or move on.

If you write "space game for 325k", people expect to see EVE online, if you write "rogue like space game for 50k", people expect to see FTL. Try to trim your project and art to make it look feasable for the amount of money you demand. Sometimes less is more :)
Dec 14 2012 07:15 AM
That's where we're headed - trimming down the initial expectation vs fund requested.

Cheers again Ashaman, I can't thank you enough for the constructive feedback - it's appreciated ;) Now to do something with it! :)
Dec 16 2012 06:05 PM
One tip, I bumped into this post browsing the journals and I couldn't see a link to your kickstarter page. I wanted to look, but without a link and no idea what your project is actually called, I'm immediately walking past. You should link your project on every entry.
Dec 17 2012 02:43 AM
Good point evolutional! I'm using the Journal as a brain-dump, and it should be a marketing tool! I thought most GameDev's would be mightily sick of people doing that, but if so - apologies in advance...



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