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Kickstarter Faith

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To drag my previous journal entry on a bit - I have to say I'm really and pleasantly taken aback by the belief/faith shown by the backers. I've even had feedback from potential backers who have provided helpful suggestions which might persuade them to back in the future, which we've taken on board - the feedback has generally been great, so I'm still confident the pitch works - it's hopefully just a matter of getting people who like this kind of game to actually see the pitch.

I've now publically cited that I expect this pitch to fail (duh!) given the fund target, time left etc. and even so, the backers have still expressed their belief that the game looks good, and welcome a re-pitch.

I've thanked them gratefully, but it's worth noting here for others to see (such as Silvanis). Just because one pitch fails, it's not the end of the road. If people seem keen on the idea, then keep at it. The trick is to make a re-pitch better or more realistic so as not to bore or disuade the backers and lose them.

More to come...

Dec 14 2012 04:42 AM
No, I'm not blaming anyone, or anything. Kickstarter has "evolved" - I just got caught in the evolution whereas I was hoping to get in before the change which I could clearly see coming.

So now we have to evolve to stand a chance in the re-pitch. I always love a challenge ;)

It's great to hear the Journal entry piqued your interest - so it was worth trying. My issue with the exposure campaign is that due to the competition it's impossible to gain any - but that's life, and that's how it works anywhere. It just would have been more straightforward a few months ago is all.

When I repitch I'd appreciate this kind of feedback on it - if you've a mind to of course.
Dec 14 2012 04:49 AM
I forgot to ask Ashaman73! (presentation+demand) - I get the demand bit, but the presentation - was that on the original day of the journal post I made, or do you think the presentation is still lacking as it stands today?

I've reworked it a fair bit based on feedback - but more is always welcome. It's important for me to reflect improvements in the repitch...

Dec 14 2012 05:07 AM

was that on the original day of the journal post I made, or do you think the presentation is still lacking as it stands today?

Ok, currently visiting your kickstarter presentation, here are my impressions coming to mind:
1. Clicked on the video, can't play it because https is disabled here.
2. Seeing big link to homepage: no interest to navigate there
3. Skipping the text, lot of text, too lazy to read it yet, still on search for some eye catcher.
4. Your second video appears where you(?) are talking about the game, skipped through the video: too much talking, I want to see something of the game !
5. Skipping further through the text, too much text for my personal impression. 666 catched my eye, my thought: calling an engine 666 is somewhat unprofessional
6. I'm aware now, that there're are image labels, but I don't see any images. Https problem ?
7. Counted the words, there're 5000 words, but I read just 10 ! I want images, lot of images.
8. Take a look at the highest pledges which are 1000, limited to 20, you will get 20k from this , but need 325k. Doing some math, you need around 20000 when hitting an average sum of 15, still 10000 when targeting 30 on average.
9. My personal conclusion: I don't know you, I have just saw you in a video, but nothing of the game at all, I have the impression, that you have never done a project this size before, I doubt, that 10000-20000 people will pledge for this project.
10. Move on...
Dec 14 2012 05:20 AM
And an additional note about needing 10k-20k people to pledge. My game has been (accidentally) covered by rock-paper-shotgun which pushed the visits of my websits up to 15k in just three days and around 3k downloads of the pre-alpha in the next 2 month. But the interest vanished quite fast (from 5k hits down to 100 in two days), but every, really every single visiter would need to spend ~20 to reach such a demand. With a conversion rate of 5% I would have needed 300.000 visiters....
Dec 14 2012 05:24 AM
Ok, that's great - I'm just going to comment on the feedback - but not in a "pick it to pieces" way, just observational...

1) odd - that's quite an issue. This actually shows the game as it stands (being largely prototype clips)...
2) ancilliary info... I had feedback no-one knew it was there, so I had to emphasise it.
3) I've reduced this as well :) Hmm... images are key for sure - but it comes back to the old "need something nearly finished before you begin" problem.
4) Yeh, tis I. I hated doing that video... but see 1) that's where the gravy is.
5) 666 probably does need explaining... it's based on Heinlein's "Number of the Beast" book - where it actually represents 6 to the power 6 to the power 6 possible universes.
6) seems like it's some oddball https issue - the page is peppered with images.
7) are you seeing any images at all? there are 17, a number of which are quite large screenshots
8) the rewards were painful, really painful... I'm going to have to redress this in the re-pitch
9 & 10) Fair enough... I'll see what I can do to change that :)

I thank you for your time Ashaman - time is precious to everyone, and you've helped a lot! It's taken on board...

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