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May the 4th, Be With Us - on Kickstarter!

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May the 4th, Be With Us - on Kickstarter! The time has come folks… after some great feedback on the new pitch, we’re ready to go on our publication date of 00:00 on May the 4th!

Our hope is that we can ask everyone who is interested in backing us to back us on the same launch day! If we can get some momentum going on day one, it will help bump us up on the visibility list on Kickstarter and Kicktraq – and hopefully more people will get to see our pitch – increasing the chances of being funded this time around!

So – we ask that if you are as enthusiastic about seeing Dominion take space-flight as we are, please be sure to back us once again, on day one of the pitch, on May the 4th!

I’ll update here with the pitch link the moment it’s live!

And if you can't back us - or aren't interested - but know someone else who might - please pass us on wherever you can that will listen!

Thank you for your support!

Too many exclamations! I can't help it!!

May 10 2013 10:09 AM

Cheers NineYearCycle smile.png


Sadly landing won't feature in this release - it's too big - we have covered it -  however no worries on covering it here. We want to do it right, and that means a lot of procedural content and complex systems - and also to allow people to author worlds and replace the procedural - so it's slated for a later release - if we manage to get off the ground!


As for flying into atmospheres... we want to accommodate something for gas giants - for gas mining stations/harvesting, etc. That should be achievable. Flying through dense clouds of Hydrogen  in a super-huge environment and then watching a sunset has a certain kind of appeal... smile.png


For a full "wish list" of where I'd like Dom to go in the future, check out here :)

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