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Simon Roth's Maia - in Dominion!

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Simon Roth's Maia - in Dominion! I'm dead chuffed to announce this one - for obvious reason!

Maia, the highlight anticipated indie title by Simon Roth, has gained praise and excitement since its Kickstarter projecttook off to fund the games development.

Maia is an awesome looking “God Game” – in active development – where you create and manage an underground colony – mining and obtaining resources needed to build the facility to house the colonists, and keep them safe against the hostile environment of Maia.

In what must surely be the first ever Indie cross-over project (ok, we haven’t checked!) , the awesomely generous Simon Roth has agreed to spread the word about Dominion off the back of his Indie success.

In return, we uncover this parallel Maia in the Dominion universe (where almost anything is possible Posted Image ) – which will provide a way to link to Maia’s website and/or purchase page when it’s ready. Maia will become a fundamental trade hub in Dominion, to encouraging a lot of in-game visitors Posted Image

Check us out here! : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maksw/dominion-fight-for-your-future-amongst-the-stars

Video here!

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